Man Thinks He Found Puppies In His Garden But They're Actually Fox Cubs

April 28th, 2017

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Craig Mcgettrick was helping his neighborhood by cleaning the local garden when he stumbled upon something he never expected- a litter of puppies. Worried that they may not have a mother, he and his friend Beccie decided to put the puppies in a cardboard to a nearby rescue facility, Freshfields Animal Rescue. They also put some photos up on Facebook to see if anyone could help.

After the photos began circulating through the internet, they got a notification from the founder of the National Fox Welfare Society Martin Hemmington, that these were not puppies like previously believed, but fox cubs.

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On a later Facebook post, Hemmington noted-

“We were contacted by a lovely lady called Beccie through our Facebook Page; Beccie had sent a few photos asking if the babies in the photos were indeed fox cubs.We confirmed they certainly were. Beccie advised us that they had been taken to a rescue center in Liverpool mistakenly as puppies, not fox cubs.”

People began to inquire why the cubs were left on their own, but Hemmington clarified that mystery as well.

He explained further-

“Vixens leave their cubs all the time whilst they are in the den, and as they get older they’ll begin to explore their surroundings more and more, and become less dependent on mum as they get older”

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Knowing that the foxes still needed the care and aid of their mother, they decided to bring the cubs back to the original location to bring their family back together.

“I didn’t give the cubs any milk in order for them to be hungry so they’d cry out and call for their mum, which they did,” Hemmington said. “I put them around the same place they were found, as I knew the mum would be looking for them, and she’d be checking the place she last had them.” He continued to note, “I believe once she’d picked the first one up and knew the others were safe in the box, she waited until it got dark to get the rest as she must not have felt safe moving the cubs in daylight.”

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The cubs were properly returned by the end of the night! Thanks to the amazing people, every cub was able to be back where they were supposed to be!

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Posted by National Fox Welfare Society on Thursday, March 16, 2017

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Source: Honest to Paws, Craig Mcgettrick