9 Things That No Mature Woman Should Ever Care About

November 7th, 2018

I know for me growing up being a somewhat awkward and shy girl until I was in my late teens, it was difficult to make friends and feel like I fit in anywhere. I remember being so self-conscious about everything from my hair to my shoes. It felt like a constant competition that none of us were ever going to win.

It’s amusing to think back now on how much I cared about all these things that don’t actually end up mattering. But it was all part of the image I thought I had to portray, what all the magazines told me I needed to be and all the models showing us how our bodies need to look. We put so much pressure on ourselves as women to reach these completely unattainable goals.

One of the best things about getting older as a woman is you finally realize it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of you.

It was a slow change for me that I didn’t even really notice until my late twenties but my attitude had shifted from my younger, ever so concerned, teenage self. I realized I no longer really cared if someone didn’t like my hair, my shoes, my personality or anything else about me. I no longer was holding myself to an impossible standard trying to look or dress or act a certain way just because popular opinion said so.

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When you’re young you have all the time in the world to obsess over the little things. But as anyone in the adult world knows no one has time for that. We are too busy as women taking over the workplace, taking care of our families, saving the world and just, in general, being kicka** women to worry over the mundane.

With age comes the understanding of what really matters to you. You can focus on making your life the amazing one you want it to be. Because of this, we let go of a lot of superficial garbage our younger female selves considered life or death. Below are 9 things the mature, rockstar women of this world no longer give a crap about.

1. Clothing

It’s no longer about what’s cool or hip or the latest fashion trends. The mature woman knows it’s about her own comfort and that’s all that matters. You don’t like my shirt? Great, don’t wear it. We learn personal fashion is just that, what the woman likes and feels good in.

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2. Who cares about gossip?

As we said before the mature woman has no time for foolish games or high school drama. She cares not what anyone says about her or the rumors they spread. Idle gossip has no bearing on the mature woman because she’s just too cool and busy to care.

3. What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom

Yes, we women all have sex lives and no we don’t care what you think about it. The mature woman is an adult who can make adult decisions and doesn’t need to justify it. She can sleep with as many or as few people as she wants and it’s no one’s business but her own.

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4. Always being polite

Where the young lady may have time for niceties toward everyone, even those who are most rude, the mature woman does not. She cannot waste her precious time and energy on those who choose to be rude or condescending. Where she would have smiled quietly before, she now ignores these horrible people and moves on taking her time and cares with her.

5. That unattainable figure

The mature woman knows a “perfect body” is a myth. It doesn’t exist for anyone, even those on the magazine covers. She knows everyone has their insecurities and she just wants to be happy and comfortable with herself no matter what her shape or size. The mature woman knows her body is perfect for her.

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6. Being part of the crowd

The nice part of being older is we are no longer in high school. There is no longer the cliques of cool girls to impress and no mature woman has time for trying to make everyone like her. She feels no desire or need to live up to society’s standards of her and people will either like her for who she is or can make tracks out of her life.

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7. What the labels say

Where flaunting expensive designer items used to be a way to impress others around her, the mature woman buys things for no other reason than she simply likes them. She no longer buys things just because of the name on the tag and no longer cares who sees what or who she’s wearing.

8. An ex is an ex is an ex

The mature woman leaves her exes in the past exactly where they belong. When a relationship is over it’s over and she doesn’t care what or who they’re doing now. Again, she does not have the time or energy to waste on something that didn’t work out and she tosses it out of her mind. Life’s too short to dwell on things that failed.

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9. The art of not caring

Last but certainly not least the mature woman does not care that she couldn’t care less. She is fierce and apologizes to no one for who she is. She focuses on what’s important in her life and lets the trivial things go. She will not waste her precious time and energy pretending to be someone she’s not. Her skin is her battle armor and chances are she gave a lot of cares over the years. That’s the best part about being a mature woman, young ladies this is for you, you don’t have to give one f**k about anything but living your life exactly how you want.

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Source: The Power Of Silence