Experts weigh in on the top wedge pillows to alleviate acid reflux, back pain, snoring & more

January 12th, 2021

Sleep is often regarded as one of the most important things we as humans partake in. A full, 7-8 hour slumber is enough to completely reinvigorate your senses, increase and strengthen immunity, and also helps improve focus and supports a healthy heart. There’s no replacement for it and it can really mess your day if you don’t get the proper rest your body needs.

That’s why we should be proactive the quality of rest we’re getting and what tools of the trade we can use to better improve our sleep. Take for instance, wedge pillows. If you’ve experienced signs of acid reflux, sinus pressure, and sleep apnea, then a wedge pillow may just be the thing you’ve been looking for.

What makes a good wedge pillow?

Now, you may be wondering what makes a good wedge pillow – after all, a wedge is a wedge right? You may be thinking that functionality is implied by the shape already and that there is little difference between wedge pillows. And to a degree, you’d be right. However, there are some important things to distinguish and keep in mind when selecting a wedge pillow, including:

  1. Quality of memory foam – some memory foam can lose its shape over time – it’s important to check the reviews to make sure that customers who have had the pillow a long time say it retains its shape (or at least, that there is a warranty that goes with the pillow)
  2. Height and length of the wedge – the height and wedge of the pillow will impact its use for you. For the vast majority of people, a height of 7-8 inches is best to relieve acid reflux and sleep apnea, although some people like pillows as high as 10 – 12 inches.
  3. The cover – you may not think that this matters that much, but it can really make a difference! It is not easy to find pillow cases that will fit wedge pillows, so make sure you find a pillow that has a quality cover. Ideally, a cooling cover would be best (because memory foam tends to get hot).
  4. Cooling features – we all know that memory foam tends to get hot, so look for a wedge that has features to keep it cool (like a gel foam layer)
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A wedge pillow is normally manufactured with memory foam and keeps a triangular shape in order to stay fixed in place. It’s common for women who are pregnant to use wedge pillows since they can help adjust certain parts of the body for better circulation and to release tension in the muscle.

This is not the case of one size fits all, however. Wedge pillows come in all shapes and sizes in order to cater to the varying heights and weights of different people. You can even use these wonderful pillows to enjoy reading while sitting as well as watching television or even eating your favorite snack.

No need to look everywhere online because we’ve got you covered!

We’ve narrowed down the top 8 wedge pillows that are guaranteed to change the script on you view sleep forever. From price point, to quality, to consistency, we’ve covered all the bases necessary to ensure you walk away knowing which wedge pillow is right for you.

1) Best Overall Wedge Pillow: Dosaze Therapeutic Wedge Pillow, $125

This is the crème de la crème, best of the best wedge pillows on the market. This gem of a pillow comes fitted with a cooling gel coat to keep your body’s temperature well regulated. In addition, the pressure-relieving memory foam allows your body to adjust and snuggle perfectly as the pillow conforms to its shape.

Dosaze’s cooling gel memory foam wedge pillow comes with a removable cover, which makes it extremely easy to wash and take care. There’s virtually nothing wrong with this pillow as it suits the needs of any and all sleepers no matter your sleep position. If you’ve been looking to topple the obstacles of heartburn, overheating, snoring, neck problems, and overall circulation, then look no further as this is the best wedge pillow money can buy.

In all of our testing, we found that the cooling gel layer was unique and a great feature, since memory foam tends to get hot. In addition, we found that the memory foam was the perfect firmness – soft enough that it was comfortable and cozy, but also firm enough to provide adequate support. It can be tricky to find a memory foam pillow that is the right firmness, and they did a really good job with this one. It’s not the cheapest pillow on the market, but it’s not the most expensive either. It provides a sweet spot of value and quality. We can’t emphasize how nice the cooling features and the quality of the memory foam are – you get what you pay for.


  • Cooling Gel
  • Removable Cooling Fabric Cover
  • Open Cell Technology
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Premium, memory foam that stood the test of time


  • None!
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Dosaze Source: Dosaze

2) Best Wedge Pillow for Lower Back Pressure: Helix Wedge Pillow $95

Looking for a firm pillow to kick back and watch television with? The Helix wedge pillow is great for supporting lower back pressure as well as alleviating neck strain. It comes with a 1-year warranty in case you are disappointed by any of its features.

In addition, it includes free delivery and a 100-night sleep trial if you decide it’s not for you. The biggest drawback is that the price is a whopping $95, which can be a bit much for those not willing to spend a pretty penny.


  • Supports lower back pressure
  • Cool gel layer for body temperature regulation
  • Best used as bed rest for reading or watching television


  • Can feel a little tense at first and takes time to break-in
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Helixsleep Source: Helixsleep

3) Best Firm Wedge Pillow: Medslant “Cool” Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow $125

Those wanting a firm, cool wedge pillow can find a home with the Medslant “Cool” Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow. It’s engineered with a 1.8 PCF memory foam with a longer than average lifespan. It also features a cooling cover (that is separate from the pillow itself).

On the downside, this pillow may feel sturdier than others and so it can be a bit uncomfortable for those wanting a softer touch.


  • Cooling cover
  • Long-lasting support


  • Some can find it too firm despite the thickness
  • 30 day trial is shorter than most
  • Price
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4) Best Value Wedge Pillow: Malouf Wedge Pillow $40

The Malouf wedge pillow offers long-lasting memory foam that will handle the wear and tear for years to come. It comes equipped with a machine-washable cover that can be removed for an easy wash.

Enjoy the free delivery service if you live in the contiguous U.S as well as the amazing 5-year warranty! Just be careful to consider its firmness, since many people have complained that it feels too strong for its own good.


  • machine washable cover
  • free delivery
  • 5-year warranty for U.S. residents


  • Too firm at times
  • Material is not hypoallergenic
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US Mattress Source: US Mattress

5) Best Inflatable Wedge Pillow: Thomasville Air Wedge Pillow $48.80

Now to a less supportive alternative. We present the Thomasville Air wedge pillow, which is an inflatable pillow that offers a bit less support than the aforementioned pillow options. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying some of its finest features such as having adjustable firmness, vinyl cover for easy washing, 90-day warranty, and even the price is reasonable! A common complaint by consumers is that it can feel a bit softer and less supportive than other wedge pillows, but overall it gets the job done.


  • Adjustable firmness
  • Vinyl cover
  • 90-day warranty


  • Can feel softer than other wedge pillows
  • Electric pump can be a liability if lost
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6) Best Full Body Contour Wedge Pillow: Backmax Foam Bed Wedge Body Cushion $249.99

For the best pressure relief across your entire body, this option is sure to lay the competition to rest! The Backmax Foam Bed Wedge Body Cushion memory foam bed wedge pillow is great for offering the perfect incline and to provide one of the most comfortable full night’s rest in recent memory. The memory foam is technologically enhanced to be naturally antimicrobial and also resists the presence of dust mites. The added leg elevation helps to relieve pressure across your entire body.

You can also adjust the pillows to suit multiple positions. It’s a phenomenal pillow, but the price tag is definitely capable of scaring away some shoppers.


  • Naturally antimicrobial
  • Eases muscle pain and tension
  • Great incline and full body support


  • Pricey
  • Too firm
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Contour Living Source: Contour Living

7) Best Bed Wedge Mattress: Reflux Guard Mattress Bed Wedge $159

Having precise head elevation is key to maintaining proper circulation and oxygen throughout your body. Reflux Guard Mattress Bed Wedge memory foam mattress bed wedge does just that. The benefit of this pillow is that it elevates your entire mattress (which can also be a con, for those with significant others who do not need elevation). However, you do not sleep directly on the wedge, you sleep on your 0wn mattress. It’s really a matter of preference whether this is a solution for you.

A full mattress length wedge isn’t for everyone though – some say that the incline starting at their feet and going up through their head feels strange and prefer a pillow that starts at their lower back.

Despite this, some have stated that the product does not open up properly, or that it has a wedge of its own down the center. Regardless of this blunder, it’s still a wonderful pillow to have if you’re willing to take a small risk.


  • Great for promoting healthy oxygen circulation
  • Ideal for head elevation and relieving neck pressure


  • Can take some time to unfold – some reviewers report that it never fully unfolds from the packaging
  • Some report issues with having a pillow that is so long
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Reflux Guard Source: Reflux Guard

8) Best Wedge Pillow for Side Sleepers: MedCline Shoulder Relief Wedge and Body Pillow $239

Some of us who sleep on our sides could sure use the shoulder cushion. Look no further than the MedCline Shoulder Relief wedge pillow as it is definitely one of a kind. It’s specifically designed for those sleepers who suffer from chronic shoulder pain.

The sleep system prop is perfect for giving your shoulder just the right elevated cushion so as to not aggravate it inadvertently. The hunky price tag is definitely an eyesore for most, but if you’re suffering from extreme pain in your shoulders, then you won’t regret investing in this essential piece of equipment.


  • Excellent for those with chronic shoulder pain
  • Provides a comfortable night’s sleep


  • Incredibly expensive
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There You Have It!

We hope by now you’ve considered the importance of having a good night’s sleep. Not only will it reward you in numerous ways, but you’ll also feel appreciative for taking the initiative to care about something as important as this.

The methods to a perfect night’s rest shouldn’t be a secret.

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