The best pillows on the market for side sleepers – ranked

May 26th, 2020

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Tired of having morning neck cramps? Ever feel like your head is so stiff it might never move properly again? Odds are you’ve been relying on a trusty pillow that really hasn’t suited your needs for quite some time. This is especially true of side sleepers who engage their neck, shoulders, and spine more frequently, thus needing a more reliable pillow to aid them in their journey towards better sleep. We’ll discuss the 8 best pillows that are perfectly structured to fit side sleepers of all shapes and sizes.

They have been specifically engineered to provide optimal support for your body and neck in order to give you the rest you’ve always needed. The market is flooded with a wide range of selection, but this list narrows down the cream of the crop in terms of comfort, material, price, warranty, and overall features that achieve that feeling of sleeping on a cloud.

In addition to our own testing, we scoured the web to compile this list of pillow reviews. We hope it helps you get the best night sleep ever.

1. Dosaze Countoured Orthopedic Pillow

The Dosaze Contoured Orthopedic is the perfect pillow for any and all types of sleepers, and we drafted this Dosaze pillow review for that exact reason. This pillow is equipped with memory foam for padding that is made to last and also gives incredible support and alignment in order to prevent any muscle spasms or stiffness. The pillow offers curvature in its design in order to better align the shoulders for side sleepers and maintain great circulation throughout your rest. Numerous users have stated that the pillow has helped eliminate any recurring neck pain they’ve encountered as well as provided unparalleled sleep quality like no other pillow below. There is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee night trial with a 1-year warranty, but we doubt you’ll want to go back after you’ve tried this amazing product. We’re not the only ones who think this as well – check out more Dosaze pillow reviews here.

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Dosaze Source: Dosaze

2. Leesa Hybrid Pillow

The Leesa offers superior support and offers a variety of options for your sleeping needs. The concept of a hybrid pillow is one that involves a secondary pillow that gets placed between the layers and can be adjusted to change the height of the pillow. In addition, the pillow is considered to be reversible which means it provides a quilted side and a much cooler side for those sleepers who feel like they’re overheating while sleeping. The Leesa provides these incredible options and all the while keep quality and comfort as the essence of their product. Truly great for any side sleeper.

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Leesa Source: Leesa

3.Xtreme Comforts Loft Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

Next, we have the Xtreme Comforts pillow. This pillow is composed of memory foam which allows the pillow to never go flat or become pressed throughout its lifespan. It is also adjustable for height like the Leesa, so you can adjust it to fit your sleeping preference to give you either firmer or softer support. The most distinguishing factor this product provides is a bamboo cover that improves oxygen circulation and is also hypoallergenic that is dust-mite resistant; aiding those that may suffer from allergy-related sleep problems.

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XtremeComforts Source: XtremeComforts

4. Brooklinen Down Pillow

For all those who prefer sleeping on the softer side, look no further. The Brooklinen pillow provides an incredibly gentle feel while not compromising any reinforcement for the neck and spine. It is definitely an option for side sleepers who rather have their head and body be treated gently than to feel like they’re sleeping on a rock.

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Brooklinen Source: Brooklinen

5. Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow

The Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow is a phenomenal option for all those that seem to get burdened with overheating at night. It contains shredded memory foam in its interior coupled with a blended fabric to allow you to cool down on those terribly hot nights.

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Nest Bedding Source: Nest Bedding

6. Parachute Home Down Pillow

The Parachute Home pillow offers high-quality material made with European white down and sateen cotton shell. They offer a hassle-free, money back guaranteed trial for 60 days and includes a 3-year warranty. You can also choose the density of the pillow from soft to firm and also the size of the pillow from standard to king-sized. The pillow is Down Standard certified meaning it has met the ethical standards by utilizing humanely treated ducks and geese.

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Parachute Source: Parachute

7. Wamsutta Side Sleeper Pillow

For those who are trying to keep things simple and not overspend, the Wamsutta pillow is a great choice. For only about $15, you would be getting a product that provides a high degree of firm support and also offers a 300-count cotton cover and polyester fill to allow for contouring and easy sleep every night. The pillow is also equipped with a 3-year warranty. Now that sounds like a bargain if you ask us.

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Wamsutta Source: Wamsutta

8. Drift The Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow

This pillow is designed to be every side sleeper’s dream. It is custom-built to slash any issues concerning neck pain, headaches, and even spinal discomfort. The Drift is curved in order to focus on the supporting of your shoulders and side and even if you decide to sleep on your back. The high-quality density of the pillow is easy to get accustomed and really bolsters this product into the highest tier of pillows for side sleepers.

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Drift Pillow Source: Drift Pillow

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