Ever since our moms got smartphones, we never know what to expect. Anything could show up on our screens at any moment. For some reason, moms have a way of getting into the funniest conundrums while texting their kids. Sometimes, they misunderstand emojis and slang. Other times, autocorrect puts them in hilarious pickles.

Then, some moms know exactly what they’re doing. They often enjoy surprising us by proving they’re not as far behind the times as we think. And of course, they love having an open line of communication, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If dads are known for hating phone calls, moms are known for loving texting. Often, they love it just a little too much. Sure, they spent years telling us to put our phones down. But now, they’re the ones who can’t get enough of emojis and texting acronyms.

(And lots and lots of Minion stickers, which we’re still confused about.)

But let’s face it: we love getting sweet, funny, and downright weird texts from our moms. An unexpected message can make your entire day. Here are 75 texts from moms that caught their kids by surprise.