Staying in a hotel is almost always an adventure. It might be a wonderful experience, meaning that you enjoy a perfect vacation spot complete with all the amenities you could hope for. Or it might be terrible, with showers that don’t work, creepy paintings on the walls, and way too many windows in the bathroom.

At the very least, you have to admit that stays at hotels like those are eventful. That can be a good thing in and of itself. Maybe you won’t laugh about it at the moment, but you might down the line!

If you’ve traveled a lot, you know you’ll run into all sorts of weird stuff at hotels. You’ll see those that have tried to “fix” their problems in the strangest way possible. You’ll see hotels that advertise themselves as being luxurious only to find out “window view” means just that and nothing more. And of course, you’ll find hotels designed by someone who definitely wasn’t qualified.

Just laugh it off and tell yourself that it’s all a part of the adventure. Yes, even those super creepy paintings we all love to hate.