Look, we’re not into stereotypes here. No one ever said men don’t enjoy shopping. But for most couples, the standard seems to be that women enjoy retail shopping a lot more than men do.

Even if it’s not the norm for you and your significant other, you’ve seen it from other couples — either in your family or in a store itself. For those couples, the stereotype holds up. That’s why in shopping outlets around the world, it’s not uncommon to see men waiting in boredom for their wives or girlfriends to return and say they’re ready to go.

These men will be happy to know that brick and mortar retail shopping is down in numbers. That’s because websites like Amazon get more traffic than ever before. They don’t have to go shopping with their significant others anymore — or if they do, they can at least do it in the comfort of their home. There’s no need to sit on uncomfortable mall couches, chairs, or for goodness sake, floors.

So, take courage, haters of retail shopping. You might not ever have to wait for your significant other in a store again. Until then, enjoy these 70 men who were spotted waiting for their partners.