7-year-old stuns crowd singing ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ at national US soccer game

February 28th, 2020

They say big things come in little packages.

And such is the case for a very cute and special seven-year-old who delivered a flawless rendition of the National Anthem at an L.A. Galaxy game.

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Everyone, meet Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja.

Or Malea Emma for short.

While we may not be able to pronounce her last name, we could never forget it—and she has a sweet face and powerhouse vocals to match.

Tiny but mighty, she stole hearts and stunned the crowd with a larger than life voice.

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Little Malea, also a model and an actress, broke out when the major league soccer club, the L.A. Galaxy, hosted a social media singing contest.

Out of a group of hundreds of finalists, people voted for Indonesian Malea Emma to perform. Her soaring popularity won her a spot in the nationally televised 2018 match where the L.A. Galaxy faced off against the Seattle Sounders.

There she belted out the National Anthem with all of her might, stunning the crowd with her powerful song!

All stood in awe, praising to the flag as she completely commanded both the anthem and the stadium with her tiny frame.

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On the day of the game, Malea appears donning her best L.A. Galaxy jersey, standing in the middle of the expansive field, dwarfed by the giant players surrounding her. With ease and grace, she accepts the microphone and as she begins to sing she quickly melts away any doubt.

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Malea’s fearless version of the “Star-Spangled Banner” dazzled and struck everyone there.

Among those utterly captivated was L.A. Galaxy player, Zlatan Ibrahimović. You can see the warmth fill him as the seven-year-old delivers a performance both innocent and stunning.

Following the performance Zlatan tweeted:

“MVP of the game!”

MVP indeed!

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Crazily enough, this was not the second grader’s first brush with stardom!

Malea Emma, born and raised in Los Angeles, California, has been singing since she was just a year old. She began entering her first talent competitions by age three, and by age five she debuted at the Carnegie Music Hall as a winner of the American Protégé International Vocal Competition.

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Her father, Arman Tjandrawidjaja, admitted to the Washington Post:

“She’s been singing forever, basically before she could speak . . . Sometimes we have to tell her to be quiet.”

Quite the little songbird!

Also tenaciously ambitious, Malea Emma revealed to CBS News that when she grew up she hoped to be a “singer, doctor, actress, and violinist.”

Way to go!

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Currently, Malea Emma is on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and has her own YouTube channel with 39,000 subscribers!

Her YouTube channel follows her performances and successes, and is home to personal uploads of her singing her favorite songs.

She also has her own website documenting her journey as a now eight-year-old singer, model and actress. It features her successes with singing, piano, violin, fashion, and dancing.

Her most recent performance was this January at an Atlanta Hawks game, where she provided a moving National Anthem with an included moment of silence for Kobe Bryant.

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With a stunning 87,000 likes and over four million views on YouTube, it’s sure to say that Malea’s fearless performance has won over our hearts.

Click the video below to see and hear her stunning vocals for yourself in her take on the National Anthem!

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Source: YouTube/Major League Soccer