7- and 9-year-old boys own the floor with wildly entertaining dance

July 1st, 2020

Viral videos of insanely talented children are hardly rare. With YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, they’re a dime a dozen. This is hardly surprising, though. When they reach the important developing years, they’ve got to find some skill or hobby to devote those years to.

However, watching these viral videos never gets old, even if the kids eventually do. Learning the art of dance or song seems like a serious commitment when you’re an adult. But that’s hardly what they are. They’re just ways for us to express our creativity ; the anxiety of not being good at it shouldn’t stop you.

Kids are the shining example of this. They do this to have fun and feel accomplishment. The idea of pursuing it as a full time thing is just a second thought (usually). Although these boys seem to want to do both!

Meet J Crew, a surprisingly young hip hop dance group from Canada. They honed their skills at Jade’s Hip Hop Academy, so they’ve got some experience despite their age. At the time this clip was filmed, the oldest one in the group was 9, and the youngest 7. Talk about prodigies.

Jade’s Hip Hop Academy is a pretty big name. It’s a fairly prestigious hip-hop dance school from Toronto, and its students have even made it onto the Ellen show. Woah!

And it speaks a lot about the quality of lessons from this dance school if and 9 year olds feel confident enough to join dance competitions like this.

They’re not playing around either. They start popping, locking and kicking it off on stage in proper dance group fashion. Just to show us what they can do, one of them does an assisted back flip too

swiggle1 dot pattern2
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Never mind the competitive performing. Just the fact that these kids decided to do something productive at their ages deserves massive kudos. Most of us were failing our grades and watching cartoons when we were their age.

After shuffling and breaking to the more contemporary hip hop tracks, the music changes. Suddenly, playing through the speakers is none other than the King of Pop himself, and the song is his posthumously released track “Love Never Felt So Good”.

Hip hop and break is their forte, but we can’t have an MJ song and not do some homages, right?

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Well they were on the same page! MJ’s signature hip thrusts, head pops and a moonwalk get incorporated into the routine. Can’t ever go wrong with a bit of MJ’s moves.

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But remember : this is a mash-up dance track, which means the next song and a new dance number are coming up soon.

And this one is quite a lot more upbeat than MJ’s smooth R&B pop. Strutting is what this beat needs, and J Crew is quick to deliver.

Mashup routines are like portfolios for dancing – they let you show the crowd how good you are at changing your style to match the beat

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I’d say they’re definitely proficient at just that! There’s a specific choreo for each track in the mashup. Having friends with different music tastes probably helps with choosing the songs.

This slapping track that they’re breaking and popping to is “Classic Man”, and the song is pure, proud “Look at me” energy. Perfect for these kids. Though the song ends and leads into a bit of dialogue. “Hey guys, it’s time to go home now”, the recorded voice says. It’s followed by a “You said that last time”, “Yeah, we’re not going home . You know why?”

We are then quickly shown why. MC Hammer is on their dance track, and they’re not ending this show without letting everyone know that they’re 100% too legit to quit

Then, in what you could call an act of fan service, they throw in MC Hammer’s iconic sideways shuffle before they wrap things up. Cheers and applause quickly displace the music as the loudest sound in the building, and appropriately so.

What stellar dancing from these kids! Jade’s Hip Hop Academy sure knows what they’re doing. Heck, maybe these boys made you want to learn dancing too. But before you do, maybe give their whole performance a watch down below.

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Source: [YouTube/Jadeshiphopacademy]