High school is a rough time. Everyone is going through weird stages of puberty, making them feel off track. Suffice it to say, no one yet feels quite like themselves in high school.

Combine growing pains, pimples, greasy hair, and questionable styles, and you have the experience of going to school. And of course, school is known for having its fair share of bullies and mean girls, no matter what grade you’re in.

School is also awkward because everyone is trying to figure out exactly who they are! No wonder everyone’s so uneasy. As comedienne and actress Ellen DeGeneres quipped on her show when she reunited with her prom date in 2011: “We’ve both changed.”

Here’s the good news for any despairing students out there — celebrities go through a rough age, too. Even actors who are now considered heartthrobs had their awkward stages. Just take George Clooney who was voted Sexiest Man of the Year not once but twice. He started out high school with Bell’s Palsy, which left half his face paralyzed for almost a year.

So, enjoy these 60 photos of celebrities long before they became the glamorous stars we know today.