High school isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite time of their life. Despite what TV shows tell you, it’s a pretty annoying four years of slogging through classes and dealing with drama. On the flip side, graduating means becoming an adult and going out into the world to have new experiences and adventures. So, it’s no wonder high school seniors are ready to celebrate.

At the end of their senior year, however, things get a little more relaxed. Everyone is ready for the summer and the seniors have “senioritis.” They’re about to leave school for good, which means they’re not afraid of the consequences anymore.

Cue time for the senior prank, the tradition that’s been around for years. It has two goals. First, to derail the school day and cause as much confusion as possible, preferably at the expense of the teachers. Second, to make them remember you.

Some senior pranks are fairly tame and are more about having fun than anything else. Others …well, others are more dramatic. But whether they’re big or small, the whole point is to have fun and celebrate a milestone in your life. After all, you’ll never be a high school senior again!