When coronavirus completely turned our worlds upsidedown, there was one thing that united us and brought us out of our despair. In the darkness of our current dystopian reality, there was a light. And that light is Netflix’s docuseries, “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness.” It is the perfect sh*t storm to distract us from the grim state of affairs of the world. And it managed to do this by out weirding the weirdness that we’re all living in right now.

And that’s a pretty tall order to fill. How could it be possible for anything to be weirder than the fact that we’re in some screwed up science fiction movie? Well, “Tiger King” and its insane cast of characters have made that possible for us.

There’s murder, meth, magic, country music videos that are so bad they’re good, tigers ripping people’s arms off, gay polygamy, and, of course, that b*tch Carole Baskin. I’m not sure the creators of “Tiger King” will ever know what their creation has truly meant to us in such a turbulent time. “Tiger King is a gift.

What’s even more amazing than the series itself are the incredible memes and posts people are creating to honor the series. The following memes were hand-selected and only those that made us laugh out loud were selected for this slideshow. Enjoy <3

Here are 55 hilarious ‘Tiger King’ memes everyone needs right now: