Women are strong and powerful beings. They are able to withstand the painful labor and delivery and take care of their kids. However, there has always been this expectation in society that women should immediately snap back into shape after giving birth.

Due to these expectations, women are pressured to become sexy again that if they don’t, it leaves them sad and depressed about their bodies.

Celebrities are able to easily get back in shape due to the availability of nannies and personal trainers. Their post-pregnancy bodies are kept in secret due to society’s scrutinizing eyes. But, it shouldn’t be this way. Women shouldn’t have to hide the scars, stretch marks, extra fat, and flabby stomach.

They are already beautiful and strong for they gave birth to a human being.

Thankfully, some celebs are now choosing to break the stigma and share their own postpartum bodies, hoping to normalize this stage of pregnancy once and for all.