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Usually when you look at a dog, you see a stalwart companion who is there to help you protect your family and home. But what would you do if you found out that your pet had an irrational fear of something simple? Regardless of their show of bravado, many dogs are often scared of the silliest things.

By looking at some of these dogs, many would find it hard to believe they are fraidy-cats at heart, especially the bigger dogs. But here they are, trying to get away from what they fear in often hilarious ways, whether that is reacting to a thunderstorm, the vacuum, or even a mouse.

And while many dogs are brave, allowing for you to rely on them when you need to, some have fears that don’t make much sense. The results can leave you laughing or, at the very least, shaking your head in amazement. Check out these tough dogs who have found themselves in scary situations way over their heads.