Maybe you’ve won the neighbor lottery and the people who live near you are nothing but friendly. Even better (for some of us), maybe they mind their own business and let you get on with your life without interfering! But if you’re like the rest of us, you’ve probably had at least a couple truly terrible neighbors.

This is doubly true if you live — or have ever lived — in an apartment. Apartment living has its benefits, but you’re also living very close to all of your neighbors. In fact, you’re sharing walls, ceilings, and floors with them!

Living in an apartment, especially one with thin walls usually means getting quite a bit of insight into your neighbors’ lives, whether you actually talk to them or not. You might hear phone calls, TV shows, fights, music, and (please no) some hanky-panky. And of course, it’s always the neighbor right above you who walks the loudest.

But you don’t have to live in an apartment to have terrible neighbors. Whether they’re stingy about anything coming into their yard or get a little too close for comfort, these neighbors have made it into the Awful Neighbor Hall of Fame with these texts. Thank goodness they don’t live near me!