There’s no doubt that tastes change over the years. No matter how stylish your bridesmaids are at your wedding, chances are that one day, you’ll look back at the pictures and wonder what you were thinking.

But the bridesmaids of the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and 90s had it bad. The sheer volume of ruffles, pastels, prints, and hats are a sight to behold. Unfortunately for the ladies who wore them, it means they went down in the Bad Photos of History Hall of Fame.

Some brides ascribe to the idea that the bridesmaids should wear ugly dresses so they’re never upstaged. In some cases, that may have been what these brides were going for. But most of the time, they honestly chose these because they thought they looked good.

Some people say they don’t mind seeing the outdated styles because they love looking at photos of people on their wedding day. These couples have hopefully now enjoyed decades of marriage together.

But others, of course, just can’t get past those bizarre styles of yesteryear.

Whether they were wearing dresses that might have been made from curtains or had some truly awful headgear, these photos are bound to make you cringe.