Parents — we love them dearly, but some aren’t gifted when it comes to technology. Parent texting gaffes, fails, and naivetes have spawned websites like When Parents Text, Why Did I Teach My Mom to Text, and so many more. Whether they can’t get the grasp of autocorrect, don’t understand the concept of emojis, or are just delivering some well-placed zingers, these parents’ texts have landed them in the Texting Hall of Fame.

We’ve all received terrible texts from our parents. Maybe they have no grasp of punctuation. Maybe they love their emojis a little bit too much. Or maybe they just text you at six in the morning to tell you all their random thoughts of the day.

No matter what, parents have kept us laughing ever since they learned to text. But bear in mind that the next time you poke fun at them for their texting skills: they taught you how to eat with a fork and use a toilet. So maybe you shouldn’t be quite so quick to judge.

Yes, parents are definitely challenged when it comes to technology. And we love them anyway. But we’re still going to laugh at them.