Do you count the calories you consume all day? Do you follow a specific type of diet? Whether your goal is to lose weight or simply stay healthy, eating a balanced diet is always the key. It’s easier said than done, though.

Following diet meal plans can feel very restrictive for people. This may lead to overeating because the longer you restrict yourself from the delicious food you crave, the more you’ll want and consume them come your ‘cheat day.’

There are a lot of myths about the food we eat. It’s often confusing to find which is healthier, which has less sugar, fat, or carbs. You take whatever advice without considering what your body needs and wants.

Luckily, many have stepped up on social media and created simple food charts that will bust these myths. It can be your guide towards your diet goals. Here are 50 of the most useful myth-busting food charts that may re-shape your perspective on food.

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