This generation of humans has been put through a lot of crap. Terrorist attacks, shootings, flu named after animals, political unrest, climate change, natural disasters, racial injustice, economic inequality, war, recession. We could go on if we wanted to. Yet, we continue to persevere as best we can.

The coronavirus pandemic seems to have created an especially fearful atmosphere in the world. Some of us have been glued to the news and it’s causing panic and anxiety. While we wait for an antidote to the virus itself, we also need one for our stress.

They say laughter is the best medicine. And while it may be hard to laugh in times like these, we’re still going to try. Because if not, we might cry. It is not our intention to offend or downplay the fact that people are ill and even dying. But we must try to lighten our hearts in any way we can.

So, here are 50 funny coronavirus posts to make us laugh so we don’t cry: