4-yr-olds sassy makeup tutorial has the internet cracking up

August 11th, 2020

Need beauty advice? Jadye Kamille, a 4-year-old self-described “mini influencer,” has got your back.

She’ll also give you a good laugh.

Her latest makeup tutorial has people in hysterics. The video shows Jayde talking some tea about playground drama while doing her eyebrows and, eventually, a full makeup tutorial.

Jayde currently has more than 724,000 followers.

And this isn’t her first time going viral.

Her followers get to see her sporting the freshest new looks, offering self-care tips, advice on hairstyles that best protect your hair, best practices for styling and caring for curly hair, and her favorite books on her reading list.

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Apparently, an affinity for beauty and style is something that runs in the family.

Jayde’s little sister Averi Nicole, who is 2, is also a mini-influencer with more than 109,000 followers of her own.

Jayde no stranger to going viral. In fact, she’s gone viral before the age of 2.

One of these videos was about how to moisturize her curls and set her hair.

Jayde takes her time to section off her curls and spray them with water.

She then applies her moisturizing hair product to her hair while chatting away.

Her mom calls from the laundry room to see if she needs help.

But Jayde got this. She knows what’s she’s doing.

Even after smearing the cream on her face, she’s got everything under to control.

Jayde’s videos went viral as far back as 2017.

She’s a total natural when it comes to sharing with and connecting with fans.

Her fans have loved watching Jayde grow up. One of Jayde’s latest videos has gone viral again with more than 248,000 views.

swiggle1 dot pattern2
jaydekamille_ Source: jaydekamille_

“Hey yall I got a story to tell you,” she begins the video. “I was at school I was at recess everybody was just playing. I was at the wall because I pulled another girl’s hair. I know what ya’ll thinking, “Why would you do that girl?”

Jayde explains that her classmate had the “audacity” to grab at her.

“Could you believe it? Absolutely not, miss lady,” she says.

Jayde was upset that her teacher “had the nerve” to put her into a timeout.

“First of all, we both shouldn’t have to stand on the wall,” she says.”Yeah, that’s what I said. You think I was wrong for hitting her? My momma taught me to mind my business. Don’t start mess. If you invade my space it’s a problem, sis. I’ve never been a trouble maker, but she tried it.”

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Jayde was even more upset that the teacher’s told her mom.

“Now, I’m in double trouble. Absurd. I can’t my mom thinking I was just hitting people. What ya’ll talk bout.”

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In the meantime, Jayde is still filling in her eyebrows.

Then she puts on some foundation before filling in her lips, eyeliner, and lashes.

“After I told my mom, she went up in that school. Don’t be all up in my face. Alright bye,” she says ending her video.

Jayde’s fans thought it was hilarious and so Jayde.

“Jayde is a whole mood,” one follower wrote.

“I don’t know what it is about 4-year-old. But I swear they be giving me life!”

“This is definitely one of my faves! “The audacity!” said another.

Check out the hilarious video below.

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This 4-year-old filmed a makeup tutorial – and the hilarious result has gone viral.

Posted by KHOU 11 News on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

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