Netflix has been an instrumental part of life for millennials and Gen Z. Since it improved its streaming services and selection, it’s become the “Thing” we all do in our spare time. To quote a viral tweet: “Don’t ask me what I do for fun. We all watch Netflix. Let’s not make it weird.”

To understand the popularity of Netflix, simply look at the online hysteria after the company announced it would be removing “The Office.” Or you could look into the origins of the phrase “Netflix and chill.” But let’s not go there.

Netflix’s remained the popular choice for TV streaming for many years. There are no commercials and the choice of shows is pretty extensive. Additionally, for most people, it’s relatively affordable. The basic plan is only $8.99 a month, less than a cable package.

The other thing about Netflix is that it allows up to four users on one account. With a plan like that, it’s only natural for people to share login info. And of course, the “Netflix leeches,” as they’ve come to be known, crawl out of the woodwork. Here are 35 of the worst Netflix leeches of all time.