Mannequins are funny objects. They’re meant to do something very simple: display clothes in a way that gives you an idea of how they look on a real person. Unfortunately, that often misses the mark! Or maybe we should say “fortunately” because that means we have more to laugh at.

But mannequins are also used by corporations trying to figure out exactly what customers want. They usually don’t get it right. What they give us are mannequins with unachievable body types, bizarre poses, and outfits that no one would ever want to wear.

Maybe that’s what makes them so funny. We might not always want the clothes they display, but we really love making fun of them.

These days, companies are utilizing all kinds of mannequins. They include ones with different skin colors, body types, and even special accommodations. That’s fantastic because everyone should feel represented in the fashion industry.

Overall, mannequins can help retail companies do a better job in connecting with consumers. By listening to what their customers want, retailers display clothing that’s more enticing. But sometimes, stores showcase clothes and the mannequins that wear them, well, in very weird ways. And we’re going to laugh.