Top 35 Reactions to 'The Office' Leaving Netflix
'The Office' will stop streaming on Netflix. The Internet is freaking out and the responses are hilarious.
D.G. Sciortino

What I’m about to tell you might be greatly upsetting and disruptive to your regularly scheduled TV time.

It is with deep regret that I tell you that “The Office,” one of the greatest most joyful shows to ever grace our television screens, is going to be removed from Netflix.

The hilariously lighthearted American version of the show is EVERYONE’S go-to show. I’ve personally watched every single episode of every single season a minimum of 15 times. The show’s hilarious take on the best and worse aspects of human nature is what makes it the most-watched show on Netflix.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Netflix users spent more time watching “The Office” than any other show on their streaming platform in 2018.

Netflix paid $100 million in 2018 to keep the show on its platform.

They announced that the show would be leaving their platform on June 25. And even though you can still watch it on Netflix until 2021 and on the NBC app and on Comedy Central, the Internet is still beside itself… as are we.

Twitter Screenshot
Twitter Screenshot

This is worse than if they canceled Pretzel Day or shut down Café Disco. It’s even worse than the time Toby came back from Costa Rica or when the Scranton Strangler was on the loose.

We’d rather get sit on by Michael Clump or be stuck in a room with Prison Mike… or even worse, Date Mike.

But alas, we must say goodbye to our Netflix binging of one of the most beautiful shows we’ve ever had the privilege to watch. In honor of all the laughter and joy this show has brought us, we present to you our favorite 35 reactions to the news that “The Office” is leaving Netflix.

1) The Reaction of All Reactions – Denial

This is all of us right now. You couldn’t possibly sum up our reactions and more perfectly. “Oh God, please NOOOOOOO!”

2) The Second Stage of Grief: Anger

Once we moved passed the denial stage, we were just so angry. I mean, how dare you NBC? How DARE YOU?!?

3) Bargaining, In the Form of Threats

People are starting to retaliate. But only in the form of memes and gifs. And these people mean business.

4) Depression

We’re upset. Very upset. Like Dwight crying alone in a stairwell upset.

5) Acceptance

In the end, there’s just nothing we can do about it. I mean, we should have the entire box set on DVD anyway. Do people still watch DVDs?

6) We’re Trying To Be Cool

We are really trying to be cool about this whole thing. But we’re failing at it hard. We can’t help it… we love “The Office” so much.

7) Send Help

Some of us are taking it harder than others. We’re gonna need some extra help to get through these tough times. We might need some therapy.

8) Ya Know What…

Honestly though… what Creed said. Because seriously. You might as well just cut off our nose to spiderface.

9) We’re Not OK

We’re REALLY NOT OK with this. But we will be. It’s just going to take some time.

10) But For Now

In the meantime, we’re totally going to cry about it. What else are we going to watch when we don’t feel like finding something to watch? What else are we going to put on in the background when we have to do things we don’t really want to do?

11) Why Though?

But why though? Why would someone do such a thing to so many people. How could you be such a thief of joy?

12) Un-be-lie-va- ble

It’s really just unbelievable that this is happening. And not just unbelievable but un-be-lie-va- ble. We’ll be talking about this for weeks.

13) Stop Being Mean

Are they doing this on purpose? Do they just want to make us cry? Do you think that it’s cool or something? Because it’s not!

14) The WORST

In the words of Grey Gardens’ Edith Bouvier Beale: “It’s the worst thing that ever happened to anybody in America!” Probably not… but it’s close. It really is the worst though.

15) We Just Want to Know

We just want to know one thing NBC. Why are you the way that you are? And why is it making you do this?

16) Send It Back

Lots of people are threatening to boycott Netflix. If Netflix comes without “The Office,” I send it back. Or so they say.

17) Will We Ever Get Over It?

We keep asking ourselves this over and over again. The answer is “no.” Life will go on, but we still won’t be over it.

18) It Hurts

It hurts. Knowing what we know hurts. But when it’s actually gone, it’s going to hurt like a you know what.

19) Soothe Me Music

There’s only one thing that can help soothe us now. Listening to some somber music. Preferably via recorder.

20) Get It In

Now is the time to get our binge watching on. How many times do you think you can watch the entire series through by 2021? We’re not sure but we consider it a personal challenge to try and watch it as many times as we possibly can.

21) I Can’t Feel My Feelings

At this point, we can’t feel our feelings. Does this mean we’re dead inside? Probably.

22) Everytime Time We Think About It

We keep trying to put this behind us. But everytime we think about it, we freak out all over again. Kind of like this.

23) We Don’t Understand

It’s really hard for us to come to grips with what is happening. We just don’t understand. Can you just explain it to us again?

24) Distracting NBC

If only there was something we could do to change NBC’s mind. Maybe there’s a way to distract them? Something… anything. Maybe a game of Dunderball or Flonkerton?

25) Why Don’t You Go And…

People are really pissed at NBC. It’s a total jerk move on their behalf. Basically they can go…

26) Putting on a Brave Face

They tell us to put on a brave face. Just suck it up. This is the only face we’re prepared to put on.

27) Stanley Does Not Approve

Whether it’s Florida Stanley or Pretzel Day Stanley… none of the Stanley’s approve. You’d have to shoot him with a bull tranquilizer to get him to go along with this. This is Stairmageddon all over again.

28) Take That Saddness To The Bank

“The Office” is Netflix’s most watched show. Some are predicting that Netflix will take a hit as a result of “The Office’s” removal. A real big hit.

29) We Don’t Want To Hear It

We keep trying to pretend it isn’t so. But the truth keeps catching up to us. So, we’re just like…

30) We Don’t Like It

Nope. We don’t like this. Not one bit.

31) Don’t… Just Don’t

If we could get all up in NBC’s face we’d be like “Don’t. Don’t you dare.” For real!

32) Brace Yourselves

We need to prepare ourselves. This is not a drill. We need a plan of action for when that final day comes.

33) Honor Cheer

And when that day comes, we will say goodbye with grace. We will throw our arms up in honor and be grateful for all the laughs we had. Or we’ll throw ourselves on the floor and cry. We’re not sure yet.

34) In Our Feelings

This news really has us in our feelings. Like what is NBC trying to do? Intentionally hurt them?

35) No Comment

That’s it. We’re done. We have no comment. Just leave us alone.

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