Generally, when someone hears about a beauty pageant, beautiful women with well-to-do attitudes are usually what springs into mind. Times have changed a LOT over the last handful of decades, though, and now men, too, can share a part in the fun of pageantry.

The Mister Global male beauty pageant, like many other pageants of its type, is organized not only to showcase the beauty and culture of each country represented, but also to help inspire the young men of each country to do good for the health of planet and people. The winner of the global pageant is expected to be a role model of such values to men all around the world, and his work begins the moment he takes the prize. The pageant itself, too, works to raise money for a charitable program, and this year the money raised benefitted an elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

This year’s winner is Jong Woo Kim of Korea, but trust us when we say he had some pretty close runner-ups. Each man was to dress in his national costume, representing the history and culture of his nation. While just about every model hit the nail on the head, we have to say that America might have misunderstood the rules just a bit.