There are some people in this world who are blessed with the unique ability to not care about anything. While it might make others uncomfortable, or feel downright offended, it actually serves the person with a lack of concerns or regard for those around them well in terms of their own health. If you think about it, it makes sense.

When people tend to care about things, whether it be for their or others safety, how other people think of them, or just what in the hell to wear to that job interview, it increases their stress levels. That means that with every worrisome thought, they get a mad rush of cortisol to the brain that causes their bodies to tense up and never be able to relax. If this happens too frequently, anger, sickness, and exhaustion become the norm for our high-strung lifestyle.

In a world that throws some pretty wicked curve-balls our way, having the ability to not give a shit gives us a healthy edge in the stream of life. While most people strive for that Zen-like mindset where nothing upsets them, there are others who naturally tend to just not care and are crushing it! Meet 35 people who couldn’t care less about anything!