Vodka is a beautiful thing! In fact, 642,123 liters of the strong spirit was sold in the US in 2017 alone. While that amount could fuel endless drinking games at any of the ragers thrown throughout the year, some people are wise enough to set a few of those liters aside for the other myriad uses of the powerful drink.

Not only does the potent liquid speedily bring you into those belligerent feel-good moments, but it can also make many of your daily tasks much, much, easier. As a matter of fact, the first uses of vodka weren’t for drinking at all. Its original purpose, from its inception in 1405 through the mid 16th century, was actually medicinal in nature and also used in cosmetic cleaners. Originally very low in alcohol content, Vodka used to be very different from the favorite liquor we know and love today.

Over the centuries as the formula for the beverage was reworked, people discovered many different uses for it. Some of these have been passed down through history, making Vodka one of the best multi-purpose solutions to have in our homes today. Here are 35 of the best reasons to keep it on hand in your pantry. As an added bonus, the cheap stuff works just as great as top-shelf brands, so don’t bust your budget at the liquor store.