In the world of DIY and repurposing everyday items, it’s hard to beat the paper clip in terms of versatility. Ubiquitous in nature, the paper clip is virtually everywhere you go, making it one of the first items to be looked at when you need a quick life-hack. Need a tiny makeshift screwdriver or a way to start a fire? No problem, the paper clip has you covered.

In fact, since paper clips can serve so many different purposes in our day to day lives, there is an actual term for thinking up alternative uses for the unassuming item. It’s called Divergent Thinking, where a person can look at an item and find multiple uses for it that are unrelated to its intended purpose. Paper clips are at the heart of divergent thinking, as scientists will test your capability to come up with these various functions by having you list every possible use you can think of for a paper clip.

On average, most people can only produce between 10-15 different ideas on how a paper clip might be used. Those who fall under the category of divergent thinkers, though, can come up with 200 or more ideas on how to use this unassuming office supply. Here we have compiled a list of 35 of the most compelling uses for the paper clip. See if your ideas are already on the list!