30 Ways To Deep Clean Your Home
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Hanna Marcus

We know you probably keep a pretty spic-and-span home, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not due for a good, deep, Spring cleaning. It may seem overwhelming to think about all the things you need to do in order to deep clean your entire home, but we think we’ve made it a smidge easier for you.

Check out our list of 30 hacks for deep cleaning your home. We’ve laid out some of the top tricks you might be missing out on in order to make your spring cleaning a little bit easier. Check them out!

Vent Covers — Don’t Forget Them

We’re going to start with one of the most forgotten-about-items in your home — the vent covers. It’s crucial that you give these a good clean to ensure that you’re breathing in pure, non-dirt-filled air. Wipe them down, take them out, and give them a good scrub!

Toaster Gunk Removal

Most people forget about the toaster when they’re deep cleaning, but have you ever given your toaster a good look at? It’s filled with crumbs, gunk, and buildup. Make sure you give your toaster a good shake and clean out — but make sure you unplug it first.

Microfiber Mitt

This is one of those tools that’s worth the investment. Buy a microfiber mitt to help you effortlessly clean tables, counters, blade fans, behind the fridge, and other hard to reach places.

Vinegar on the Blinds

Can’t seem to get the gunk off your window blinds? No sweat! Take warm water and mix in vinegar, then rub this solution all over the blinds! It might take a bit of elbow grease, but you’ll love the results this concoction gives you.

Lightbulbs are Crucial

Don’t forget your lightbulbs! So often, people will give their entire house the deepest clean and forget all about their lightbulbs. Turn the lights off, let them cool, unscrew them, and then take your microfiber mitt you invested in and wipe them down before screwing them back in.

Isopropyl Alcohol is Your Friend

This solution is one of the best cleaning products you could imagine for microfiber fabrics. Got a microfiber couch with tons of stains? It’s no match for the isopropyl alcohol! Give it a good spritz, take a white sponge, and get to scrubbing.

Pantyhose and Candles? Absolutely

A weird combination, but trust us, it’s a reliable one. Can’t seem to get the dust off your candles? Pull some pantyhose up over your hand and give them a good wipe. The fibers from the pantyhose will trap the dust and won’t snag the candle.


Q-Tips Can Get those Hard to Reach Places

You have them laying around the house, but have you ever thought to use them? Add Q-Tips to your cleaning routine to get those hard to reach places (aka: behind the faucet, in the crevices, and more!)

Small Glass Shelves Can Go Through the Dishwasher

You know those glass shelves in your medicine cabinet? Try taking them out and running them through your dishwasher to give them an extra sparkle.

Don’t Forget Your Washing Machine

Lots of people forget the washing machine, but we recommend you include it in your deep cleaning routine. Add a mix of white vinegar or bleach, baking soda, and get to cleaning. Fill up your washer with hot water, set for the longest wash, and dump in your vinegar solution!

Ammonia on the Stove Grates

Clean off your stove grates regularly, but when you’re looking for that deep clean feeling, add ammonia to get rid of all the gunk.

Clean the Stove, But Don’t Forget to Wax It, Too

Like we said, give your stove a good clean, but wax it after, too. This will help spills and stains to slide right off!

Toothbrushes for Small, Needs-Scrubbed Places

For those hard to reach, tiny places that require extra scrub, consider using a toothbrush with wiry bristles. This will give you the scrub you’re looking for without the extra effort it takes to reach those spots with a bigger sponge or scrubber.

Your Faucets Want Love, Too

Never forget the faucets. Often, you’ll get soap scum and build up on the faucet, making it look ragged, rough, and gross. Consider using a toothbrush to scrub this section.

WD-40 Can Help with Scuff

You knew WD-40 can oil up the hinges on your squeaky door, but did you know that it can help get rid of scuffs and shallow scratches? Try it next time you want to remove a scuff off your baseboards!

Dull Brass? No Problem — Lemon and Baking Soda

Don’t want to invest in a good brass cleaner? We don’t blame you! Try mixing lemon and baking soda together to scrub your brass items (maybe use that toothbrush method we talked about, too).

Lampshade Bathtub

Remove all your lampshades and stick them in the bath — we’re serious. Give all your lampshades the best bath ever in the tub. It’s the perfect spot to give them a good clean.

Clean your Vents, but Wax Them Too

Remember how we suggested you wax your stove? Try the same thing with your vents! This will help keep buildup and dirt away from your vents for a longer time!

Screens Need Distilled Water

Want to give your laptop screens, tv screens, and phone screens a good clean? Try using distilled water to get the extra sparkle you’re looking for.

Peroxide Those Pillows

Most people think to clean their pillowcases, but they forget all about the pillows themselves. Toss your pillows (sans cases) in the washing machine and throw in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and detergent to get them sparkling like new again.


Use the Vacuum Hose in the Dryer Exhaust Tube

Cleaning out your dryer’s exhaust tube is important. This is about more than just cleanliness, it’s about safety, too. A clogged dryer exhaust tube can start fires and even break your machine! Make sure you’re cleaning out your dryer’s exhaust tube frequently with your vacuum cleaner to avoid any issues.

Fluffy Towel Freshener Formula

Are your favorite towels old and dull? Don’t worry about replacing them with new ones. Instead, craft your own formula of vinegar, Epsom salts, and baking soda. Give them a wash with this concoction and they’ll fluff up and freshen like new ones!

Vacuum Your AC Unit Clean

Don’t forget to clean your AC unit! The last thing you want is to breath in dirt, dust, and mold particles. Take out your vacuum’s attachable hose and suck away the bad stuff!

Bleach Away Mold

Mold should be the top priority during your deep clean. If you have mold present, make sure you’re bringing in the big guns to get rid of it (bleach). Mold can make you and your family super sick, so make sure that if you have any kind of serious mold, you call in the experts to get it taken care of.


Get that Clean Smell — Boil a Stock Pot

Nothing’s better than a good clean smell, but unfortunately, a lot of the cleaning products you use don’t smell all that great. Get a delicious, fresh smell going in your home by boiling hot water, rosemary, lemon, vanilla, and more to make your house smell delicious.

Socks and Ceiling Fans

Paper towels on the ceiling fan simply push around the dust — instead, throw a sock on your hand and go to town! You’ll love how the fibers trap the dust and dirt.

Dishwasher Needs Some Love? Give it a Little Kool-Aid

We know, it’s one of our weirdest sounded hacks yet, but it really works! Try tossing a little lemon kool-aid into your dishwasher when you run it. The citric acid in the lemonade combined with the hot water should help to lift stains, freshen the dishwasher, and give off a great smell!

Dish Scrub Those Cupboards

Can’t seem to get those cupboards clean? Don’t sweat it. Buy a dish scrubber and use your favorite cleaner. With a little elbow grease, those stains, fingerprints, and spills will come right out.

Don’t Bother Renting a Steam Cleaner, Use the Iron

There’s something satisfying about steamed clean home, but who can afford to rent a steam cleaner for the day? Don’t bother. Simply use your iron to get stains out of your carpet. Spray a mixture of white vinegar and water over the stain, set your iron to the highest level of steam, throw a terry towel over the stain, and clean your carpet right up!


Clean Sponges, People — Use the Microwave

If you’re tired of buying dozens of sponges to do a bunch of different jobs, try microwaving your sponges! This will sanitize your sponge and kill all the germs so you can use it over and over again.

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