The world is a fast-paced place and the internet is even more so. As it has evolved over time, so has the language we use to talk about it. Whether you’re talking about hyperlinks or bandwidth, there are just certain terms used only in the realm of computers.

Alternatively, there are also plenty of common, everyday words used in English that are spelled the same, but mean something entirely different in tech terms. Cookies, for instance, do not represent a delicious baked good with chocolate morsels. Similarly, spam is not a disgusting rendition of salted, processed ham, either.

From memes and mouses to bits, bytes, and blogs, one could literally compose an entire dictionary just out of the words, phrases, and acronyms being constantly used online. While you have likely seen these tech terms thousands of times before, there is a good chance that you, along with the majority of the millions of internet users, don’t have a clue of what these words and phrases actually stand for. Thankfully, we’ve put together this list of 30 of the most-used tech terms today that most people have no idea what they mean.