3-Year-old shows off wild imagination when mom catches her with a donut

May 29th, 2020

How many times have you caught your child in a lie where they’re caught red handed but continue to try and wriggle their way out of trouble?

That’s exactly what Sherrica Sims found with her daughter, Tiffany!

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In a hilarious video she posted on YouTube, Sherrica finds three year-old Tiffany with a doughnut despite never telling her it was okay to have one.

When she questions her daughter about it

Tiffany begins to spin a tale rivaling Homer’s Odyssey.

As she’s telling the story,

Tiffany slowly tries to cover the doughnut with her arm!

As if her mom will somehow forget the doughnut is there and leave her alone? Toddler brains are a mystery.

Sherrica continues trying to get her daughter to fess up, who only continues telling stories.

Daddy was mad, daddy was crying, I was on time out, I didn’t do anything wrong, I did everything right, honestly the story is so all over the place in true “toddler telling a story” fashion, it’s hard to follow what’s what!

It just makes it that much cuter!

While her mom slowly gets Tiffany to give a little bit more of the truth here and there, Tiffany digs her heels in and tries her absolute hardest to spin her ownership of this half eaten doughnut as somehow not her fault!

It’s really very endearing, you can see every thought going through her brain. And the creativity to come up with these stories is nothing to ignore!

Sherrica notices that Tiffany keeps putting this half eaten donut on this hat and, eventually, asks her to pick the hat up.

And what is waiting under the hat?

More of the half eaten doughnut!

It’s so funny, I love the thought that went into this deception to try and eat as much doughnut as possible.

The video has over 13 MILLION views now, an absolutely insane number to pull in! People have been loving it!

Tiffany is pretty much an internet celebrity at this point, and if you’ve been seeing these photos from the Sims family Instagram, you can see she has the personality to match!

Thanks to her parents, she and her brother Miles already have great fashion sense and have plenty of hilarity to share!

Their posts on Instagram show how comfortable they are with the camera and how hilarious these two kids are!

Since the doughnut video, the Sims have started vlogging and have quite the following on YouTube now, let alone the wider internet!

They have their own website here, and have even been featured on The Ellen Degeneres Show!

Sherrica and Stan are clearly really loving parents, it’s really nice to see some wholesome content creators on the internet who just want to show off how proud they are of their kids!

I’m inclined to think they should get Tiffany writing stories considering how quickly she was coming up with them when trying to get out of trouble!

There seems to be a growing trend of parents getting their children ready for fame through the internet.

But Tiffany seems born for it, somehow!

This family seems like they’re bound for big things in the future, and they’re continuing to become more and more famous!

All that on top of the following they already have on the internet!

The doughnut video is below, it’s so funny I’d really recommend a watch!

Maybe it will give you ideas next time you need to get out of a sticky situation?

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