3-Year-Old 'Patriot' Sings His Heart Out To National Anthem At Football Game
I could listen to this over and over again ...
Catherine Marucci

While football fans were anticipating a match between the Patriots and the Eagles, an adorable event was happening in the sidelines.

All eyes may have been focused on Boston police officer Kim Tavares, who was invited to sing the national anthem, but a little boy in the bleachers caught the attention of the nation after a video of him went viral.

Patriotic 3-year-old is Patriots fan

In a video posted by WBZ | CBS Boston, we see young Garrett Spence belting his heart out as he sings the national anthem with conviction.

The little patriot sang donning a Patriots jersey as he watched the game with his parents, who are also Boston police officers, in the Thursday night game.

WBZ CBS Boston
WBZ CBS Boston

Garrett surely showed Americans how the national anthem ought to be sung: hand over the heart, standing tall, and heartfeltly belting out the lyrics.

Have you ever heard Star Spangled Banner sung with this much enthusiasm? He really made sure his tiny voice is heard despite the louder crowd!

‘Partner in crime’

WIth his video having over six million views on Facebook alone, it didn’t take too long before Garrett’s voice was heard by Tavares.

Tavares, who formally sang the anthem during the game, jokingly called the boy her ‘partner in crime’ as she reposted the video on her Twitter account.

“This is why I sing. Check out my new lil partner ‘G’”

Kim Tavares via Twitter
Kim Tavares via Twitter

The police officer and part time singer also revealed that the little boy’s parents are her colleagues at the Boston police department.

“His mom and dad are friends of mine. “Both are police officers. Didn’t know they were at the game”

– Tavares on Twitter.

She also commented on the boy’s enthusiastic patriotism, commenting, “Teach them well and let them lead the way!”.

The singing officer

Does Tavares’ face or name sound familiar? Well, Garrett isn’t the only Boston resident to go viral online.

Before she was invited to sing in the game, Tavares caught the attention of netizens when her rendition of ‘God Bless America’ together with her partner Officer Stephen Mcnulty during a ‘cop-pool karaoke’ went viral. She has some amazing vocal abilities that are not to be missed.

Kim Tavares via Twitter
Kim Tavares via Twitter

Proud parents

Of course, it isn’t only Tavares who is proud of the boy’s admirable sideline rendition of the national anthem.

Garrett’s parents agreed with their cop colleague and expressed how proud they are of their son’s shining moment in an interview with Western Journal.

The boy’s father, police officer, Michael Spence, said he was “obviously very proud of his patriotism.”

WBZ CBS Boston
WBZ CBS Boston

People from all over the country expressed their positive thoughts in the video’s comments about the boy and his police officer parents who are obviously raising him well.

According to them, the Spence family stands for everything that keeps America strong: the willingness to serve and protect the people and, of course, respect for the flag and the nation it stands for.

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3-Year-Old Sings Along To National Anthem At Patriots Game

This 3-year-old sang along as Boston Police Officer Kim Tavares performed the national anthem at last night's #Patriots game https://cbsloc.al/2OGbo1R

Posted by WBZ | CBS Boston on Friday, August 17, 2018

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By Catherine Marucci
Catherine Marucci is a contributor at SBLY Media.