20 times people did exactly what they were asked to do

April 26th, 2021

Following instructions is something that we need in life and it’s really essential. It applies not only to adults but also to children.

But we should always remember that giving instructions is also important. When we give commands, we have to make sure that they are not vague. We always need to be specific. If we won’t make our instructions clear, the same scenarios below might happen to us, too.

Check them out here:

1. When brother did what you said but quite differently.

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Twitter/Jaaaaaymomma Source: Twitter/Jaaaaaymomma

This lady told her brother that he could eat “half” of her grapes. And when she was about to eat the rest, this is what she saw. What happened next is a bit predictable.

2. Should we commend him?

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Reddit/windrage2738381 Source: Reddit/windrage2738381

Making sign boards requires creativity and this employee is truly creative. It’s just that he wrote a sign that is too funny for a coffee shop. I just hope that they offer great coffee.

3. How many is enough?

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Reddit/SadGravel Source: Reddit/SadGravel

The uploader of this post recounted that his boss told him that he “wasn’t using enough Wet Floor signs while mopping.” So this is what he did to prove him wrong.

4. So this is what extra frosting look like?!

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Reddit/denimOwl Source: Reddit/denimOwl

What would you do when you asked for extra frosting and this is what you would receive? Well, for me, I would probably enjoy eating it. This woman shared that this is what her husband exactly gave her when she asked for extra frosting. Isn’t he sweet?

5. “I told my students to ‘Include the word count in your essays'”.

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Reddit/hellomurrwan Source: Reddit/hellomurrwan

If I am the teacher of this student, I would probably laugh out loud. But this will serve as a reminder to always be more specific when giving instructions.

6. Was he being lazy or was just being funny?

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Reddit/BitchCobbler Source: Reddit/BitchCobbler

This wife shared how her husband did what she was asking him to do. I could say that her husband got some sense of humor.

“Asked my husband to put the pillowcases on the pillows.”

7. What a motivation!

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Reddit/TheImpundulu Source: Reddit/TheImpundulu

When I was a student, my teachers would always remind us to make sure to read the instructions and follow them during exams. Because if students fail to do so, their answers might not be counted. But the way this student “followed” the direction is quite funny. LOL.

8. Writing Problems

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Reddit/spicerldn Source: Reddit/spicerldn

This student really followed the instruction. It’s just that his answer would not be considered for sure. And we all know the reason why.

9. It turned out pretty cool.

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Twitter/harps_joey Source: Twitter/harps_joey

The story behind this promo spoon from Kellogs is really hilarious. I believe that everyone should hear it.

“A few years ago, we (Kellogg’s) were having some promotional spoon designs mocked up. When the agency asked what we wanted on this latest version, we replied “Just the Kellogg logo”. We got 200 of these delivered a week later.”

10. “As much as you’re allowed to give me.”

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Reddit/ThreadedPommel Source: Reddit/ThreadedPommel

This story is an example of a great friendship. No wonder this post on Reddit has gained hundreds of comments.

So here’s the story:

“Went through the taco bell drive-thru with a friend. When asked if we wanted sauce, I said: “As much as you’re allowed to give me.” I may have made a mistake.”

11. I find this cute.

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Reddit/ckkohl Source: Reddit/ckkohl

He was asked to send a picture so that’s what he did. Good thing the buyer clarified that what he needed was the photo of the car.

12. They literally added “probably”.

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Twitter/sandipsych Source: Twitter/sandipsych

This particular post on Twitter has gone extremely viral with more than 39,000 likes. It’s because it’s not just a simple photo of a nametag. There’s actually a funny story behind it.

“Recently invited to speak at a conference and was asked which of my two affiliations I preferred to go on my name tag. Probably University of Central Lancashire, I replied. So that’s what they put.”

13. Just making sure

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Imgur Source: Imgur

Most of us have seen “watch step” or “watch your steps” signs in public places. Of course, we should do it for our safety. But this guy is kind of funny as he literally “watched step”.

14. I must say that it’s a great combination.

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Reddit/spcmnspff335 Source: Reddit/spcmnspff335

Grandmothers are naturally sweet and we are all aware of that. When we request something from them, they won’t hesitate to give it to you. Just like this grandma who brought home the snacks that her grandchildren requested.

“My wife’s grandma likes to buy us snacks whenever she goes to the store so we asked her for some sour cream and onion chips. We were amused by what she came back with.”

15. She’s undoubtedly a law-abiding citizen.

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Reddit Source: Reddit

Following road signs is for our safety and everyone around us. So we should never neglect them. This lady is undoubtedly one of those law-abiding citizens, however, it’s just a little too much.

16. Obedient kids

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Reddit/bert3r Source: Reddit/bert3r

It’s a great thing for parents when their kids listen to them and obey what they say. Just like this parent who asked his children to place the toilet papers under the sink. Her children just did what he told them, it’s just that it was different from what he meant.

“Told my 3 and 4 yr olds to put the toilet paper under the sink… must be more specific next time.”

17. The art of giving “nothing”

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Reddit/Douee Source: Reddit/Douee

This photo looks sweet until you find out the story behind it. It turned out the uploader asked for nothing but still received something sweet with the word “nothing” on it.

“Asked for “nothing” as dessert on a Disney cruise. Got this masterpiece.”

18. Isn’t it too small?

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Imgur Source: Imgur

When we request something from someone, we should make sure to be more specific. But when we are in restaurants, cafes or bars, we should check the sizes of what we order so we know what to expect and we won’t get disappointed just like this one.

19. Good thing we love Elsa and Ana.

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Reddit/jtstonge Source: Reddit/jtstonge

The story behind this cute bananas with Frozen really made me laugh. I really thank the uploader for sharing it online.

“I asked my wife to pick up some frozen fruit at the grocery store.”

20. “Lean against the pole for a picture”

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Reddit/xtionna1 Source: Reddit/xtionna1

When we ask someone to take a picture of us, it’s our responsibility to hear their suggestions out. They surely know the best poses as they are the ones who can see if it looks good on camera. So when this child was told by her parent to “lean against the pole for a picture”, this is what she did.

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Source: Reddit, Imgur