20 People With Unusual Attributes

April 11th, 2018

The things that are unique about us is what makes us most beautiful and these people prove it.

These 20 individuals have uncommon characteristics that really make them stand out in a beautiful way.

1) The Most Pierced Woman

This is Elaine Davidson. She is the most pierced woman in the world. She’s also fun to look at.

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Wikipedia Source: Wikipedia

2) Dual Colored Eye

We’ve all seen people with brown eyes and we’ve all seen people with grey eyes. But have you ever seen people with both? This person has a left eye that is 1/3 grey.

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Nico_LaBras Source: Nico_LaBras

3) Albino African American Girl

This girl is just beyond adorable. Her name is Ava Clarke. Her stunning white hair and light eyes are a result of albinism.

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theavaclarkedotcom Source: theavaclarkedotcom

4) Charging Up

This girl lost her arm but not her sense of humor. She has a very high-tech arm that needs to be charged. Here she is charging.

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unknown_human Source: unknown_human

5) Internal Bruising

This person has severe internal bruising of the hand. It’s so significant that it can be seen when put up to the light. You can see how its worse in some parts than others.

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Enceladus89 Source: Enceladus89

6) A Man With Anisocoria

This man has anisocoria. That means he has one regular functioning pupil and another that isn’t. The other one is always in a fixed position.

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srdemoya Source: srdemoya

7) Tattooed Woman With Porphyria

This woman has a lot of tattoos. She also has porphyria. It’s a condition that causes burns on the skin when it is exposed to sunlight.

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nuevonortetattoo Source: nuevonortetattoo

8) The Melanin Goddess

They call her the melanin goddess. Her name is Khoudia Diop. She is a model who has the darkest skin of all models.

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melaniin.goddess Source: melaniin.goddess

9) Eye Scar

This person was born with a scar in their eye. I didn’ know that was even a thing. It looks pretty cool though.

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Spikenews Source: Spikenews

10) Straight Thumb

This woman has super smooth thumbs. This is because they lack joints. Since they don’t have joints, they also don’t have creases.

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vaparapun Source: vaparapun

11) Skin Writing

This isn’t a case of bad self-mutilation. This person has a condition called dermatographism. It allows one to “write” on their skin which appears like a rash.

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bryoIogy Source: bryoIogy

12) Bionic Hand Crew

Meet the bionic hand. They all have bionic hands. Are these guys badass or what?

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deathakissaway Source: deathakissaway

13) A Baby With the Dark Skin

The Internet isn’t sure if this baby is real or not, but people claim this baby has the darkest skin in the world. This is baby Edam. A baby with super dark skin.

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inh bình dương Source: inh bình dương

14) Cold Finger

No that’s not painted. This person has something strange going on with one of their fingers. His ring finger turns white when he gets cold.

15) Freckle Face

Having freckles isn’t that unusual. But this guy has a lot of freckles. He’s a model and his name is Hamad Jaman.

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freckledlightskin Source: freckledlightskin

16) Longest Legs

Have you ever seen legs this long? This is bodybuilder Ia Östergren. She is 5’8″ and her legs are 3′ 5″.

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iostergren Source: iostergren

17) Cat Eye Syndrome

These look like contact lenses but they aren’t. This is a boy from Nepal. He has cat eye syndrome.

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GiorgioMD Source: GiorgioMD

18) The Six-Fingered Man

Indigo Montoya has been searching for this man his entire life. Well, actually he’s not Count Rugen. But he does have six fingers on both hands instead of just his right hand.

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the_cozy_one Source: the_cozy_one

19) One-Sided Vitiligo

Vitiligo affects the pigmentation of one’s skin. It causes patches of the body to lose pigmentation. This man has it ob half of his face.

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Jaqwan Source: Jaqwan

20) Eye Gear

This man had to have his eye removed. He had genetic degradation. His ocularist made him this cool prosthetic as a gift.

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Jinkzd Source: Jinkzd

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