20 Creative cakes that capture an underwater island adventure

July 22nd, 2020

Are you ready for some of the craziest cakes you’ll ever see? These various cake artists from all over the world have taken it upon themselves to make some of the most challenging cakes I could imagine. They create scenes of islands in the ocean that look simultaneously delicious and relaxing! Check ’em out for yourself below!

1. Mariana’s trench

Very clever! This great cake artist based out of Moscow made a cake that is like someone cut a small piece out of the ocean! How they made the gel that looks like sea water is totally mind boggling but there’s plenty of that to come. What’s really crazy is the texture of the sand and all the little details of the fish! I have to wonder what flavour this would all be…

2. The coast

This may as well be a painting! I can’t believe how incredible it looks! On top of that, the texturing is absolutely beautiful, with the island being so naturally above and below the water, with the water so smooth and perfect!

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3. Maldeve

Doesn’t this look like a dream? Flying into a Maldeve-esque bungalow beach on a prop plane… The dream! (Minus the green water maybe) Even better when you get to eat that dream! Yet further superior artistry from Dolnyk Art Cake!

4. Inlets

Here we have some cakes from another Moscow based cake artist, Salweadore! They have a couple cakes of these small island inlets where tiny boats can be found with their tiny docks and tiny houses! The water looks completely gorgeous, I could quite happily take a dip in there!

5. Stelni

Another inlet! They clearly had a series of these cakes, and they only improved as they went! The modeling is significantly improved in the last image, as well as the water! This cake is already amazing, but they improved on their techniques so much!

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6. Confetti cake island

A lovely mossy rock in the middle of the ocean! It looks great and completely realistic! I love the breaking water all around the rock as well. This is from a cake artist called Tiffany Murphy-Amos, she makes really fantastic cakes of all varieties, give her profile a look!

7. The cove

This is probably my favourite so far! It has such a magical feeling to it! I especially love that the detail doesn’t stop at the bottom of the ocean, they even put effort into the sediment making up the sand and placed flora around! I would also totally live in that hut if I could, it’s so cool looking! It’s a tiny island I would love to explore!

8. The ruins

This is probably the most realistic looking cake yet! The water is absolutely perfect and the environment seems so tangible! How the artist achieved this level of detail I’ll never know. The only thing is that with a cake that looks this real, it doesn’t really seem all that appetizing anymore! It’s no doubt delicious but it really looks like you’d be eating grass and dirt!

9. Right to the bottom!

You can see straight through this one, and the artist has a couple fun surprises for anyone looking deep enough! Like a giant sea turtle on the left or some other sea critter hiding out on the right! I especially love the odd square shape of this cake because it’s so different than the rest of the natural feeling of the ocean!

10. Cutout

A true cutout! With layers. The crumb coating adds a lot to the earthy feel of this cake! They really nailed the color of the water, as well as it’s translucency! Being able to see the sand bar gradually rising to the shore really gives it a life like feel as well. Fantastic cakes from Paladarte!

11. Twin peaks

Next we have a cake from The Tartarium! It’s a really cool take on these sea cakes with a big emphasis on the waves and crashing water! They’ve made sure the detail doesn’t stop at the surface and have a full sea floor at the bottom of the cake! It must have been fun to cut into!

12. Cthulhu?

Not quite tropical or relaxing but still VERY deep sea! From out of the depths of the ocean in the sunken city of R’lyeh, Cthulhu comes to deliver you some tasty cake and madness! Seriously, green tentacles and ancient, unknowable symbols are Cthulhu’s big staples who has recently reappeared in popular culture! Quite odd considering his invention was over ninety years ago..

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13. Squat ship

This lovely sea cake has a rather cute, tiny ship on it! The cake artist hit a nice balance between a cake that looks quite delicious and still edible, and artistry with realism! All it leaves me wondering is whether or not the ship is edible. Is it just a prop?

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14. Sunken ship

The ship from the last image didn’t last very long… It must have been scuttled or hit a rock or something! Because it’s now lying at the bottom of this very green bay! It’s seriously a great detail to throw in there. I love all these cake artists throwing in fun details to their see through “water!”

15. Familiar boat

This whole cake is gorgeous and that water is just so clear! They’ve really included a little bit of everything in this one and it really… takes the cake… Anyway, doesn’t that boat seem oddly familiar? Like maybe it was in a movie about a Hawaiian folktale or something like that?

16. Black pearl

A creepy pirate ship from Sweet Land Cake this time! They’re further showing off their skills with the sea cakes, but this time around they’ve given it a little Caribbean pirate flair!

17. The lighthouse

This sea cake is not so much about what lies beneath the waves but what lies above! They have some fantastic detail put into both the lighthouse and the little house that the lighthouse keeper would stay in! It’s so cute, I don’t know how you could possibly dig into a cake like this! Maybe you could light the lighthouse like a birthday candle?

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Хранитель маяка ✨🌊🗻 теперь у нас виды Средиземноморья . А самые внимательные смогут разглядеть в воде ещё и морского гиганта 🐋. Сразу отвечу на самые популярные вопросы : море из желе . Нет весь торт из желе не состоит , самой начинки около 3 кг . Желе это просто часть декора – есть или не есть , каждый сам решает😊 оно безусловно сладкое , это не мыло , не глицерин, как пишут в комментариях 😅

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18. The great filter

Unreal! For a little extra challenge, this cake artist tried their hand at making an inlet into a sea cave but kept the water so well contained! How did they manage to pull that off? How have any of them managed to pull any of this off? The cake making is a mystery to me!

19. Undercave

If searching the cake waters for some hidden fun and secrets has been your favorite part then you’re in luck! This case is mostly underwater and it features a massive sea cave! There’s so much to look at in this piece and it just keeps on giving! Not to mention the details are straight up incredible! A+!

20. Shallowland

What a great piece to finish off with. It really shows a mastery of the craft and incorporates pretty much all of my favourite features up to this point! There’s a very well made boat, rife with detail! There’s three islands of varying depth! The foliage and sand are expertly crafted and the water is absolutely perfect. Breaks in the water, a realistic clarity, just wow! What’s totally bizarre is the shape of the island! If you had 25 more you could play a game of Cake Catan!

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Aren’t people just so insanely talented? I really should have upped my baking game during quarantine. I can’t believe that not just one bakery is making these cakes but that they’ve become a fad! People from all over are making these beautiful sea cakes, with each artist putting their own unique spin on them! So bizarre, so cool.

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