15 times inedible items looked like they should be tasty foods
The 'bunch of bananas' seriously threw me off!
Morgan Slimak

These inedible items will likely fool you at first glance. Our mind immediately jumps to food, however, it’s all just a big illusion. If we weren’t paying attention, we would go to chow on a tasty cheesecake slice only to find out that it was actually a rare gemstone.

It’s not wise to bite down without inspecting food up close beforehand.

In other situations, you might find that the rubbery pasta you’ve been enjoying is actually a bunch of rubber bands. Those are just a few of the 15 crazy off-limits foods we’ve included on this list. They appear as though they should be on the menu, however, things aren’t always as they seem.

Meow_irl from MEOW_IRL

1. Rubber bands that look like pasta.

It’s not actually uncooked linguine, despite what it looks like. We have definitely seen similarly shaped pasta before that comes in similar plastic bags and boxes. If someone pulled these rubber bands out in the kitchen, we wouldn’t second guess them.

Forbidden linguine from forbiddensnacks

2. Stone that looks like a cheesecake.

Imagine thinking that you are about to bite into a delicious cheesecake, then immediately breaking all of your teeth. That’s what would happen if you ever tried to eat this rock. It sure does look tasty though.

Saw this rock and thought it was a cheesecake from pics

3. Clay that looks like chocolate.

The brown clay is both creamy… and tastes like dirt? There is no way that this isn’t a milk chocolate bar. It even looks like someone has taken a bite out of it already.

I was at work one day when I found this clay in the shelf…..forbidden chocolate for a kid. from forbiddensnacks

4. Cat that looks like flour.

If you thought you were going to use this bucket of flour to bake a loaf of bread, you thought wrong. It’s actually a fluffy white cat curled up in there. It’s an easy mistake to make though.

Someone spilled a cat in this bucket. from oddlysatisfying

5. Bug that looks like a raspberry.

Here we have one of the most incredible insects (Rambutanura). Its body is disguised as a red raspberry, or at least that’s what it looks like to us. If you are trying to prevent other animals from eating you, wouldn’t it be best to use camouflage that doesn’t look like food?

cursed_raspberry.png from forbiddensnacks

6. Pinecone that looks like pancakes.

Many of the cases on this list are due to the tendency of the brain to interpret random visual data as meaningful patterns. It’s called pareidolia. It’s why we see faces when we look at clouds or a stack of pancakes with butter when we look at a pinecone in nature.

I thought this pinecone looked like a stack of pancakes, so I made some butter out of some fallen leaves. from Pareidolia

7. Paintbrush water that looks like orange juice.

When you are painting, you have to dip your paintbrush in water before switching colors. Depending on which colors you use, you can end up with some pretty interesting results. You have to be really careful about leaving glasses of this kind of liquid sitting around.

Had to stop my wife from drinking this Forbidden Orange Juice. from forbiddensnacks

8. Cat that looks like a baguette.

Is it a freshly baked baguette or a cat? When you’re in this kitchen, it could be either of those two items. The fact that it’s not actually a baking pan, but a flower pot, leads us to believe that it’s not really bread though.

Baguette from misleadingthumbnails

9. Mop that looks like ground beef.

Most people realize they aren’t actually buying ground beef when they look up and see that they aren’t in the meat section. However, when you have shelf after shelf of these red mops everywhere, it’s easy to get confused. They could have fooled us!

Forbidden Ground Beef from forbiddensnacks

10. Dog that looks like a rotisserie chicken.

In some cultures, dogs are food. However, this goofball is not on the menu. No matter how much she looks like a rotisserie chicken when laying on her back in the sun, no one is ever going to eat her.

Too hot out…my dog turned into a rotisserie chicken. from AnimalsBeingDerps

11. Ocean cliffs that look like Tiramisu.

The landscape along the seashore could easily be a dessert. The colors are melt-in-your-mouth perfect. The formations, called Old Harry Rocks, can be found along the coast in southern England.

Terra-misu from forbiddensnacks

12. Beach that looks like popcorn.

The little pebbles on the beach appear as though they are popcorn. It’s like scooping up a handful at the movie theater, right out of the popcorn bucket. All of the rocks have the same “popped” style and features.

First visit to Fuerteventura, found this beach ten mins drive from our hotel. The rocks look like popcorn from pics

13. Rocks that look like jelly beans.

Meanwhile, this beach has rocks that could pass for jelly beans. There are multiple different colors. Technically, though, they are all the same flavor — rock-flavored.

Forbidden jelly beans (assorted flavors) from forbiddensnacks

14. Snake that looks like bananas.

Those who go to grab this bunch of bananas off the tree will receive a sharp bite. It’s actually a tiny baby python. When it gets older, it will turn green.

Look at this tiny bunch of bananas! from misleadingthumbnails

15. Bird that looks like sushi.

He only really appears to be sushi because of how snug and happy he is curled up in his fluffy blanket. He is barely peaking his head out. It’s just enough for us to see his beak though!

Delicious Sushi from misleadingthumbnails

The things on this list look suspiciously like food. However, if you try and eat them, you’ll get a lot more than you bargained for. From birds to cats, to the many flavors of rocks, we’ve included all of our favorites. Which one of the items on this list is the most convincing to you?

Check out an additional photo of an inedible food item below.

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The cleaning lady took this from the bathroom and put it in the fridge from forbiddensnacks

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