11-Year-Old Is Bullied For Wearing Navy Uniform To School
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Ashley Brewer

An 11-year-old boy named Isaiah Picklesimer wanted to do something special the day after 9/11. He wanted to honor his big brother, Aaron, who was recently deployed with the Navy.

To show his respect and to honor his brother, the 5th grader wanted to wear a Navy uniform to school.

Thinking of doing something to honor those who have fought for our country, including his brother, is an admirable thing to do. But, of course, kids will be kids, and Isaiah’s fifth-grade classmates weren’t as encouraging

Isaiah loves his brother dearly and looks up to him as a role model. Since he’s been away on deployment, Isaiah has been missing him a lot. Wearing the Navy uniform to school was like having a piece of his brother with him.

When Isaiah showed up to school wearing the uniform, kids began to taunt and bully him — saying hateful things.

Mellanie Picklesimer, Isiah’s mom, was heartbroken that her son was picked on while trying to honor his big brother. She took to Facebook to share the story:

The post reads:

“Do you see this kid? He woke up missing his Sailor brother and decided to wear his Navy uniform to school. I encouraged him to do what made his heart feel better, but warned him some kids may have something negative to say. Well I just picked him up and he informed me of all the hateful bullying things that were said to him. “Hey pajama boy”, “nice costume stupid”, “you look like a joke”. He assured me he stood his ground and informed these punk kids that he was proudly wearing his UNIFORM in honor of his Navy brother and to Shut Up, but I know he is still bothered by it as anyone would be.

I am livid that my son was mocked all day for supporting his Navy brother. I am angry that he had to be put down for something that made him feel less sad today. I am sad that kids are so cruel to others KNOWING they wouldn’t want anything like this done to them. I am disappointed that parents don’t teach their children that bullying is wrong.

So to the kids who don’t know my son, I hope this post finds your parents. I hope you learn how your rude, hateful words made a kid already sad feel even worse. I hope you learn that bullying is not ok. I hope you aren’t treated the way you treat others.

To the 3 boys that stepped up to tell Isaiah how great he looked this afternoon, THANK YOU. “

Mellanie was not expecting the response she would receive or the overwhelming support that would pour in for Isaiah.

After Melanie’s first post started catching people’s attention — Isaiah’s story spread like wildfire. The amazing 11-year-old was even invited to a Navy Chief Pinning Ceremony that very weekend. It was incredible to see so many people reaching out.

Of course, Isaiah’s school caught wind of Mellanie’s post and they have assured her that they are taking action on this measure. They also encourage Isaiah to wear the uniform whenever he would like.

But the kindness didn’t stop there. It was the actions of his next-door neighbor, another middle schooler named Nate, that really melted Mellanie’s heart.

Nate is a 7th grader and as soon as he heard about Isaiah being bullied for doing something so amazing, he knew he had to reach out. Nate told Isaiah that he had his grandfather’s Army uniform.

The compassionate neighbor offered to wear his grandpa’s Army uniform to school with Isaiah in the Navy uniform. The very next week, they both showed up at school together — wearing the uniforms.

All of this incredible outreach and support came within days of Mellanie posting the initial story of Isaiah in the uniform.

Aaron, Isaiah’s big brother in the Navy, had one last epic surprise for his admiring little brother.

Aaron was able to get permission to drive seven hours home. He wanted to surprise Isaiah at his middle school dance.

Aaron Picklesimer Came home to surprise his brother at the school dance.

Posted by Mellanie Picklesimer on Friday, September 22, 2017

We are so heartbroken that Isaiah was bullied for such an admirable gesture. Now, Nate and Isaiah plan on wearing their uniforms to school every Friday.

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By Ashley Brewer
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