11 Things That Happen When You Walk Everyday

April 30th, 2018

Welcome to the age of technology, where people can actually go the entire day without walking. Between cars, scooters, and hoverboards, it is becoming increasingly easy to go the whole day without taking a step. As glamorous as this might seem, it is not a good situation for human health. Walking plays a key role in keeping our physical fitness. Here are 11 things that happen to your body when you walk every day.

Improved Mental Health

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Working out can do wonders for your mental health. Studies have shown that low-intensity activities like walking can help prevent neurodegenerative diseases. When you walk every day, you are strengthening your body as well as your mind.

Better Vision

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Walking gets your blood flowing, which means that your body will be better able to deliver nutrients to the organs that need help. Walking has been proven to improve eyesight and even to fight glaucoma. It does this by relieving built-up pressure in and around the eyes.

Lower Risk Of Heart Diseases

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Movement is good for the heart. Like running, walking increases blood flow and helps to regulate high blood pressure. It can even bring down cholesterol levels. If doing something so simple can prevent an immense amount of pain in the future, I say go for it.

More Lung Capacity

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The more you work out your lungs, the stronger they will become. The lungs are like a muscle that benefits from being pushed every once in a while. As they fill up with more air, they will push the toxins and waste out, resulting in even greater lung capacity.

Pancreatic Health

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Walking may be the secret to preventing diabetes – when paired with a healthy diet, of course. A study following walkers and runners for 6 months found that the walkers were better able to absorb glucose into their cells. Once the glucose is inside the cell and being used properly, it is no longer a threat to the human body.

Improved Digestion

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Walking gets everything moving, so it only makes sense that it will lead to better digestion. Walking for just 30 minutes a day can help regulate bowel movements. If you also make sure to stay hydrated, you will be good to go.

More Muscle Tone

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Walking is a low-impact way to get your blood flowing and your body moving. If you walk for long enough, you can actually gain the same benefits as you would from a low-intensity workout. Improved muscle tone and steady weight loss both result from choosing an active lifestyle.

Sturdy Bones and Joints

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Walking daily helps to boost joint mobility and to prevent fractures and loss of bone mass. This is especially good news for the past few generations of milk-drinkers. It has been proven that drinking cow’s milk leads to more brittle bones, so save yourself from future trouble by sticking to your walking routine.

Less Back Pain

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If you suffer from pain in your lower back, walking just might be the solution. This low-impact activity also promotes excellent circulation around the spine, allowing your body to naturally repair minor injuries. Focus on good posture while you walk, and the muscles in your back will strengthen every day.

A Calmer Mind

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Walking has been shown to improve depression symptoms in patients who are clinically depressed, so imagine how much it would help the average person. Walking is way of interacting with your body. The more in tune we are with our wants and needs, the more we will be able to make decisions that best promote our health.

More Energy

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Walking helps you to spend more energy in a day, meaning you will sleep better at night. It also gets your blood flowing, meaning that all the messages your brain sends out reach their destinations faster. If you walk every day your body will become more efficient, and you will feel a steady increase in energy.

No matter how busy your schedule is, you can always make time for a little bit of walking. Change your morning routine to include more movement, or simply park farther away when you go to work. Every little bit helps in the journey to better health.

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