11 essential baking charts that everyone who plans on baking should have

October 25th, 2016

Whether it’s your first time or whether you’re a seasoned veteran, baking can be pretty difficult. To create a visually stunning culinary masterpiece from a scrap of ingredients, you need to be on top of your game. While practice does make perfect, it’s also nice to have some shortcuts along the way. Here are 11 charts that everyone can use – you’ll want to have them handy the next time you bake!

1. Baking Conversion Chart

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Recipes are all about following directions, but sometimes directions can get a little confusing. If you’re following food bloggers from different countries, measurements can be in different standards. Here’s a simple conversion chart to help you save time and stress.

2. Types of Sugar Chart


Do you know the difference between confectioner’s sugar, granulated sugar, or powdered sugar? Hint: Confectioner’s sugar and granulated sugar is actually the same thing! Sugar is one of the key ingredients in baking, so brush up on your sugar facts so that you won’t make the mistake of accidentally baking with the wrong ingredient. (It happens to everyone, don’t worry)

3. Baking Pans Chart


I like to view the pan as the foundation of every baked good. If you know the form of the pan, you’ll be able to use it for it function. In other words, if you know what your pans are made for, you’ll be able to use them to their potential. This chart outlines in detail how every pan you own (and those you’ve never seen) is supposed to be used.

4. Half Recipe Chart

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Whether you need to divide a huge recipe into smaller portions or you simply don’t want to cook the full item, dividing can become a headache. Fortunately, this chart makes the math easy.

5. Blender Attachments Chart

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With a rise in food technology, it can get confusing to decide which one to use for different things. Here’s a visual chart to simplify things a little, so you don’t try to use a food processor to make whipped cream.

6. Healthy Substitutions Chart

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Have you ever been so focused into your baking that as you reach for the buttermilk, you realize…you don’t have any! Before you panic and rush to the nearest grocery store, have a look at this chart. It outlines substitutes that you can use for various ingredients! Not only can you replace missing ingredients, but you can also create healthier alternatives.

7. Egg Substitution Chart

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For those who choose to eliminate eggs from your diet (whether for vegans/vegetarians or concerns with the environment), here’s a quick chart that will help you replace 1 egg in a recipe.

8. Baking Temperatures Chart


If you know anything about baking, you’ll know that every degree can affect your dish in a huge way. This handy chart visually shows how your creation will turn out if you misread. Slight temperature modifications can result in huge changes in your finished creation.

9. Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies Chart


If you’ve ever tried to bake chocolate chip cookies, you’ve probably come across several “perfect chocolate chip cookie” recipes. That means that one of them must be lying…right? The reality is that everyone has a different definition of what the perfect cookie is. This cookie chart (and article) gives you the freedom of choosing what the best chocolate chip cookie is by giving you a quick explanation of how each ingredient will affect the overall taste and form of the cookie.

10. Lattice Pie Crust Chart

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Ever wondered how to make a lattice pie crust? This chart will make a seemingly complicated culinary decoration so simple that you’ll wonder how you ever got baffled by it in the first place.

11. Frosting Styles Chart

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Are you ready to take your cupcake aesthetics to the next level? It conveniently tells you which piping tips to use to get that cupcake just the way you want it to look.

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