Photographer captures 10 photos in 10 minutes of ballerina in airport

November 7th, 2019

A lot of people like a challenge but this 10-minute photo challenge can be a real humdinger. Not only for the photographer but for the model as well.

The Arrival

The model is Ballerina Em Marie and the photographer is the very well known Jordan Matter. The two arrive at the Miami International Airport for ten photos in ten minutes photoshoot.

The First Photo

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There is only a ten minute time frame here so things are going to move quickly. The photographer gives very quick instructions and before finishing the first shoot he is looking for the setting for the next.

The first photo is getting Em to buy a ticket.

Freaking Out Photo

Jordan talks about how people are always freaking out when they check the board for arrivals and departures. He figures this would be a great idea for a picture.

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A Little White Lie

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Jordan wants to snap some photos of em on the passenger trolly so he asks the driver if she can have her picture taken on it, saying that it is her sixteenth birthday. ( not really though).

A Funny Twist

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To add a bit of humour to the whole incident the photographer set her up to put a piece of toilet paper in her shoe. To sort of mimic that embarrassing moment for a few who have left the bathroom with paper trailing down the back of their pants.

Time For Refreshments

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The pretty ballerina gets thirsty and as you may have guessed another great opportunity to snap another photo.

It was amazing to watch the photographer in action as his mind just flew from one scene to another. The ballerina was able to take directions quickly which didn’t waste any time.

A little Bit Longer

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Getting_Prepared
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One photo took a little longer than the other. It was where he wanted the ballerina to be handing her ticket over to the agent as she was bending backwards. The stall was in getting an agent to give her a ticket to use as a prop. Otherwise, this particular photo would have been done with the same lightning speed as the others.

The Clock Is Winding Down

As the ten minutes is drawing to a close the photographer it would appear has more than met his goal. The best part of all is he managed to do it all without security coming and telling him to stop. It was most intriguing to see how many people in the airport co-operated with him.

Jordan Matter

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Jordan Matter is an exceptional photographer and his Youtube channel has been a huge hit. His ten-minute photo challenges appear to be a favourite of many. One of the things that has made his channel a success besides these challenges is that he listens to his subscribers and he reads all the comments.

This is a great story that shows how interesting challenges can be and how they can be accomplished especially when people work together.

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Source:Jordan Matter