Study Says Women Prefer Their Friends To Their Husbands

May 7th, 2019

It is no secret that friendship is truly one of the most sacred things a person can have. You know the saying, “men come and go…” something like that, right? Well, it’s true! Men (or women) come and go, but you will always have your friends.

Female friendships specifically are a very special type of bond. Women have to stick together to lift each other up through heartbreak, career changes, family issues, and more. Everyone needs a Miranda Hobbes to their Carrie Bradshaw, a Monica Geller to their Rachel Green, an April Ludgate to their Leslie Knope… You get the idea.

Well according to science, this is true on a whole new level.

Apparently, over 50% of women prefer their best friend to their husband.

1,517 women in the UK were interviewed by Champneys Health Spa and over 50% of them admitted that they would rather hang out with their friends instead of their husbands.

But why?

Apparently, communication is key.

When the women were asked why they chose their BFF over their hubby, they said that they could talk about anything and everything with their close friend, whereas some things were potentially off-limits to their husband. Also, 45% of the women shared that their bestie listens more.

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Marriage takes a lot of work and because of that, it puts a lot of pressure on both people involved. In friendships, it is a bit more relaxed. Having another outlet to share feelings with can actually help improve your romantic relationship. It takes the pressure off.

Another reason is that like Cyndi Lauper so wisely said, girls just wanna have fun.

In the interview, 41% of the women shared that they prefer hanging with their gal pal because they enjoy the same things. 39% said that their BFF makes them laugh so hard that they cry.

A lot of girlfriends just have that type of bond that is so effortless — because their interests are so similar! That’s why it is such a universally relatable thing.

Of course, you can laugh and do fun things with your significant partner, but it can be so much easier with your best friends sometimes. Especially when you want to do certain activities, like get manicures, have a wine/face mask night, or go dancing in your cutest dress.

Another reason is that two besties usually share a history.

When a relationship ends, your best friend is usually there to break the fall. Because of that, the best friend has most likely seen you in all of your relationships and at this point, they probably know you and your patterns better than you do yourself.

29% of the women said that they go further back with their best friend, which is also why they feel like they can truly be themselves.

Sometimes best friends are just… better!

28% of women shared that their best friends give better advice. And maybe that’s because they are less worried about hurting your feelings. They’ve already been around for so long! And they are also coming from a similar angle.

26% said that their BFFs are less irritating than their partners. When you’re with a partner so often, it’s only natural that you start to get a little bit more irritated by the small things.

Let’s just say it: BFFs are better!

Women especially need to stick together.

Especially in today’s social climate, it is so vital for women to lift each other up! It is so much better than bringing each other down. Whether they work together, go to school together, or have simply known each other for a decade.

It is so crucial to have that gal pal who lets you be your true, silly, and unapologetic self. We all need someone to take the load off and accept us for who we are!

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Source: Twenty Two Words