Woman Recreates Celebrity Photos

July 28th, 2017

Some celebrities post most the most ridiculous photos on social media.

Avante Garde shots make sense when they’re posted in magazines or for promotional campaigns, but not so much as a regular pic of you at the pool.

However, some celebrities go out of their way to contort themselves into extreme yoga positions, pose nude, and create dramatic shots that you wouldn’t see on a regular person’s Instagram page.

And Australian comedian Celeste Barber thinks it’s a bit much.

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Celeste Barber Source: Celeste Barber

“I get a little miffed with fashionista people thinking that they are much better than other people because they are very slim and have architect husbands and get to wear free stuff,” Barber told The Guardian. “It’s a bit [like they are] rubbing your nose in, ‘This is how we live, sorry guys’ – and that bums be hard.”

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Celeste Barber Source: Celeste Barber

So, she recreated the photos to show what real everyday human beings look like if they were to take similar photos.

And the results were beyond hilarious. This is her recreating a photo of Kendal Jenner trying to be chic on a flamingo pool float.

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Celeste Barber Source: Celeste Barber

Barber says she wanted to offer a more realistic view of what these photos would actually look like if you weren’t a model, super rich, or famous.

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Celeste Barber Source: Celeste Barber

“I never started out for it to be a body positive thing or be like, ‘f**k yeah’,” she explains. “It was always like, this is how celebrities get out of the the pools [and] I’m like no, this is how you get out of the pool.”

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Celeste Barber Source: Celeste Barber

I mean, it’s only fair game. The only reason you would ever do a yoga pose on a Jeep is if you’re showing off.

Unless you are in an ad for Jeep of course. Otherwise, it’s just obnoxious.

And Barber totally gets that.

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Celeste Barber Source: Celeste Barber

This is what celebrity parenting looks like when you have other people who take care of your children for the majority of the time.

And this is what real parenting looks like. Well, maybe it’s slightly exaggerated.

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Celeste Barber Source: Celeste Barber

When real people spill their wine, it’s a damn tragedy, not an opportunity to look all doe-eyed.

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Celeste Barber Source: Celeste Barber

What would it look like if a regular person wore a t-shirt with themselves on it? Foolish. Absolutely foolish.

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Celeste Barber Source: Celeste Barber

And here is our favorite one of all.

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celestebarber Source: celestebarber

Barber has lots of more of these funny celebrity parody photos. You can check them out on her Instagram page here.

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