Woman Dates 10 Guys Without Seeing Them, Must Pick One

January 23rd, 2019

They say that love is blind. This social experiment took that statement to the extreme.

It got one single girl, matched her with 10 guys and had them talk for a brief period of time, with a barrier blocking their ability to see one another.

In the end, she had to pick one. The ending is crazy!

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Before the experiment began, Alexa felt confident about her ability to pick a potential lover just from their voice. When asked if she thought she could know someone even without seeing them, she responded:

“I feel like I will, yes. I’m pretty good about picking up inflections of voices and everything. And I can tell if someone’s being honest with me or not by their voice. So I feel like I’ll do really well.”

But would this statement hold up?

The 10 men stood in a line. The first one, Miguel, sat down, ready to talk.

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The other nine men were instructed to listen to music for the duration of this first “date.”

The questions that Alexa asked were precise and concise. They expertly allowed her to pick up on whom she would find the most in common with.

She asked the men their ages, their goals, their beliefs and more.

And the men had their own challenging sets of questions to ask Alexa. She was asked about her studies, her work, her career ambitions, her hobbies and so on.

But what was really interesting was the differences in interactions between Alexa and the men.

Some men seemed picky and asked things such as whether she would prefer chocolate or fruit on her yogurt. That particular person said that the answer was very important to them and called Alexa a freak for her answer.

So after the first set of speed dates was over, Alexa had to eliminate two of the men that she had been talking to.

Her first choices were a man called JD, due to their lack of connection, and someone whose name she didn’t remember (which tells someone all they need to know about her experience.) The second one’s name was Abram, and he asked her whether or not she was working.

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In round two, the participants had to explain their ideal dates.

The men’s responses here ranged from the more typical to the unusual.

More typical answers included walking on the beach and Ferris wheel rides. The more unusual answers included hopping into a private plane and flying to an island off the California coast.

Straight after these dates, another round of eliminations took place. Alexa removed the man who stated walking on the beach and Ferris wheels, probably due to the blandness of the answer. She also removed a man who outright stated that he was terrible at planning.

Round three discussed what would be a dealbreaker in a relationship.

This time around, Alexa removed a man who stated that a woman’s ability to twerk was essential in his relationship goals.

She also eliminated someone who stated that devotion to Christianity and restraint from drinking was important.

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Round four was the penultimate round. This one discussed life goals. Alexa only had to remove one man from this round.

Ultimately, she removed the man who said that his goal would be to start a family, own a house and raise dogs.

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The final round had no particular focus. It was just for the couples to get to know each other more.

Alexa’s final decision was to pick someone who she would go on a second date with. In the end, she picked Joseph, who asked her what the most difficult thing that she ever went through was.

Finally, they were able to look at each other. Both seemed happy with what they saw.

But Joseph had a shocking admission to make.

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He had a girlfriend.

All that effort for nothing!

Better luck next time, Alexa.

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