Toddler runs to comfort crying girl on opposing team with a hug

March 24th, 2020

Kids are inherently sweet and innocent. They see the world in a simple yet beautiful way, that we, as adults, somehow lose along the way.

Even when it comes to competing against one another in sports, when kids are young, they don’t really get too defensive. In fact, they can get quite compassionate, as you’ll see in the adorable video below.

True sportsmanship is all about respect – and the little girl in this video displays that in the cutest way ever.

A precious video has circulated online of a seemingly normal scene of a parent filming their child at a soccer game. Keep in mind, Ava, the little girl that is being filmed is maybe only 4-years-old, or so.

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Ava and her young teammates are learning how to play the game, all while still being little kids. Soon, Ava runs toward the ball and actually takes possession of it before she starts kicking it down the field.

Ava’s coach tells her she’s running the wrong way and to turn around – that’s when the little girl turns around and is ‘blocked’ by an opposing player.

Ava is far from thrilled that she no longer had the ball in her possession and begins to throw a little tantrum. As to be expected of a kid her age. But instead of flailing on the ground kicking and screaming, she just hangs her head and pouts in defeat on the field instead.

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That’s when the other little girl, the one that ‘blocked’ Ava, realized how upset that made her. With curly, fluffy blonde hair, the girl on the opposing team reaches over to Ava to comfort her and gives her a big fat hug!

You can hear the parents in the crowd let out a collective ‘aww’ as they see the sweetness unfold. After the hug, the little girl even gives Ava a sweet kiss on the cheek.

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The video is less than 30 seconds long, but it truly brings a smile to anyone’s face that watches it. Both Ava’s mom and the other little girl’s mom must be so proud of their young daughters. They are clearly gifted with the traits of compassion and kindness – even during a competitive event.

Watch the adorable video below and keep reading for another act of kindness between opposing teams during a sporting event.

In another act of kindness during a sporting event, a high school football team paid respect and tribute to an opposing player’s mother who was battling cancer.

“After the game, Gage approached Ty. He shook his hand and then kneeled down to pray for his mother with his old friend. It was a beautiful, tear-jerking gesture,” Shareably described.

“Football brings people together in so many different ways, and that was just one example of it that night,” Gage said later, explaining that that moment was for Ty and his family, not for public recognition (the Tweet went viral after Takka posted it).

Read the entire Twitter post from that touching story below.

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