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Tattoo artist Helen Fernandes is not the best at drawing, but that has not stopped her from pursuing a career she loves. Born in Brazil in the city of Salvador de Bahia, the artist founded her own tattoo shop, Malfeitona. And while unconventional, her tattoos have garnered a cult following due to a unique look all their own.

A visual artist, Fernandes has been drawing since she was a child. According to the tattoo artist, her parents would give her a pen and some paper to keep her quiet while at church, and she has been drawing ever since. Outside of her work as a tattoo artist, Fernandes is also a mechanical engineer, works as an illustrator, and teaches art classes.

Initially giving her friends her signature tattoos for free, she found others outside her immediate circle were interested in her tattooing skills. So, in 2017, she created the Malfeitona Instagram account, which has become a showcase of her various tattoo works of art. Here are more of her amazing and unique tattoos.