Combat Dog Named Rico Is Given A Proper Military Burial

November 21st, 2016

Rico the combat dog was a loyal friend and patriot.

He bravely fought through countless missions during his two tours in Afghanistan alongside his partner, Sergeant Beckley. The two had a close bond, and even when the time came to say goodbye, Beckley made sure to send Rico off with the honor he deserved.

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When Rico retired, he went to live with Beckley’s parents in Michigan. However, at 12 and a half years old, Rico was tired and in declining health. Beckley went to see him one last time before he and his family made the heartbreaking decision to put him down. The combat partners had not seen each other for over a year, and were more than happy to be reunited.

Sadly, their reunion was short-lived.

When the moment came, Rico peacefully passed away in the company of the family he loved. Parting with Rico was difficult for Beckley, and he made sure to tell Rico just how much he meant to him before he was gone.

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The family held a ceremony for him in their home, and received an overwhelming amount of support from their friends and neighbors.

Beckley and his father, who also served in the Marines, proudly donned their military uniforms as they delivered their parting words, and carried Rico in a flag-covered coffin fit for a decorated hero.

A true patriot and loyal partner until the very end, Rico will be greatly missed by his fellow soldiers and family.

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For more images of Rico’s touching ceremony, be sure to watch the video below.

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WE SALUTE YOU, RICO: A military dog who served numerous tours of duty overseas was given a military burial over the weekend in Saugatuck, Michigan

Posted by WRAL TV on Monday, June 20, 2016

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