Cop helps 94-year-old man get to his new home after son calls for help

October 17th, 2019

While much speculation has been going on about the behavior and role of Police individuals for some time now, today’s narrative will finally confirm the fact that you can’t brush everyone in the same color.

And that is exactly what has happened on a bright sunny morning when the Glendale Police Department in Arizona received a frustrating call to dispatch:

“I have a 94-year-old father. He’s loaded up a trailer and thinks he can drive his vehicle and the trailer to Florida. And I’d like to have somebody talk to him if they could.”

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Ali Vetnar - Twitter Source: Ali Vetnar - Twitter

The troublesome fact in this situation was that none of the relatives and close family members of this elderly man were even in the city.

Glendale police individuals now have this extremely difficult task of convincing a determined old man of lending help rather than doing it all by himself.

But one member of the police department, Sergeant Jeff Turney, who was dispatched to undertake this psychological task was equally well equipped himself – with wits and kindness.

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Ali Vetnar - Twitter Source: Ali Vetnar - Twitter

Upon entering the house, there was a determined, resolute, and courageous 94-year old WWII U.S. Navy veteran Howard Benson seated in his power chair. Sgt. Jeff Turney at once realized that there is no use talking with the elderly man, especially after the fact that he is a US war veteran.

Here is Sgt. Jeff Turney’s thoughts in his own words upon meeting the 94-year old resolute man:

“I walked in the door and saw him sitting there and I said, ‘We’re not going to talk any sense into this guy,'” Sergeant Turney said.

Howard Benson, who has served in WWII in the U.S. Navy, is an embodiment of classic virtues and ethics found in the men of the US armed forces. That is why he was stubborn to move to his new facility in Fort Meyers, FL from the current home in Glendale Arizona – a distance of almost 2,200 kilometers – all by himself.

“I’m stubborn,” Howard said.

His kids and close relatives were very concerned about his safety and health for this impossible task he has chosen for himself. But the arrival of Sergeant Jeff Turney is no less than an angel sent by God for Howard’s concerned family members.

Since he’s not listening to anyone else to lend some help, Sgt. Jeff Turney finally decided on a plan to oversee this 94-year-old veteran’s move safely.

Get ready to be overwhelmed by the humane feeling and level of kindness which this Glendale Sergeant showed the elderly man.

Every day after that meeting with Howard Benson, Sgt. Jeff Turney devoted some time after work by lending help in packing up the belongings of the old US Navy veteran.

During those preparation days, Howard would occasionally inquire if Sgt. Jeff will also be hiring a driver for him to move to his new assisted facility in Florida. Since Sgt. Jeff Turney was wise enough to know the stubbornness of the eldelry man, he would simply say no.

“I said, ‘No, Howard, I don’t think I can get anybody to go with you, but how about I drive?’”

Amazingly enough, Howard agreed to that proposition. The next day both of them were off to the elderly man’s new destination 2,200 kilometers away. Sgt. Jeff had to ask for special leave from his duties to accomplish the safe shifting of the WWII US veteran – an unknown person to him before.

After reaching their destination in four days, Sgt. Jeff stayed in Fort Meyers until the man felt comfortable with his new surroundings. He finally took his leave when everything was set alright!

And so, with little painstaking and lots of dedication towards helping others, Sergeant Jeff Turney of the Glendale Police Department raised the bar of moral authority for all, as well as set the standard for police authorities across the States.

One should be so lucky to have a person like Sergeant Jeff Turney in their lives.

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Source: CBS Evening News