1-year-old needs a new kidney, so nurse steps in to give her own

October 26th, 2020

Real-life angels exist.

Sure, they might not float around draped in white cloth on fragile, golden wings… They’re a little more discreet in their methodology.

But some people are making miraculous, heartwarming contributions to the world.

Meet Taylor Pikkarainen – a real hero of the highest order.

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Facebook/Taylor Pikkarainen Source: Facebook/Taylor Pikkarainen

Months ago, Taylor did the unthinkable.

She saved a kid’s life by donating her kidney.

In fact, within 30 minutes of finding out little Bodie needed a transplant, she offered her own.

Turns out, Bodie was a complete stranger to her at the time of the decision.

The sweet boy had a condition that made his kidneys fail

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Facebook/Bodie E.H. - Medical Updates Source: Facebook/Bodie E.H. - Medical Updates

In February, Taylor was approved to save Bodie’s life in an operation that was originally scheduled for March.

But like everything these days, things weren’t so easy.

Plans quickly changed as the coronavirus began to wreak havoc across the United States, forcing his procedure to be postponed.

Gloria Hall, Bodie’s Mom, told Good Morning America of her devastation upon hearing the news:

“The hospital basically shut down all nonemergency surgeries. For us, worrying about Bodie and his health, it was frustrating, but at the same time, nobody at that time knew how the whole situation was going to go.”

In the meantime, Taylor joined the front lines as a nurse.

She’s saving lives with every chance she gets!

Whether she’s on the clock or off, she’s there to lend a life-saving hand.

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Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio Source: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

Bodie has a condition that leads to kidney failure. He’s been tragically struggling with it since birth.

His family understandably started to panic when suddenly, good news arrived – his procedure was to be rescheduled!

Two days before the surgery, Taylor and Bodie met for the first time! Then, on her 27th birthday, Taylor gave Bodie a chance at a healthier life.

Fortunately, the surgery went swimmingly!

“Bodie has been having a pretty good day today. Physical therapy got him up and out of bed, and he’s been more awake and smiley. Picking and pulling at all his tubes and wires, which there are less of every day!”

Even if 2020 has been ridiculous, good things still happen!

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Facebook/Bodie E.H. - Medical Updates Source: Facebook/Bodie E.H. - Medical Updates

Then came a speedy recovery!

“Buddy boy was doing so well, his doctors decided to let him come home this evening!! 1 week earlier than expected!”

Isn’t it awesome when everything goes according to plan?

Though life’s been a struggle so far, little Bodie has a guardian angel in Taylor.

Bodie’s overjoyed!

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Facebook/Bodie E.H. - Medical Updates Source: Facebook/Bodie E.H. - Medical Updates

The coronavirus put a lot of things into doubt, including Bodie’s sustained health.

During a global pandemic, Taylor literally gave a piece of herself to a total stranger!

That takes guts… and a whole lot of heart!

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Facebook/Bodie E.H. - Medical Updates Source: Facebook/Bodie E.H. - Medical Updates

But now, they’re like family.

Since getting to know him, Taylor loves Bodie with all her heart… and one of her kidneys!

When he’s old enough, he’ll truly understand how much Taylor has done for him.

She’s Bodie’s guardian angel.

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Pexels/Pixabay Source: Pexels/Pixabay

A little bit of love can go a long way.

This isn’t the afterlife, but Taylor’s bringing a little bit of heaven down to Earth.

When she’s not busy saving lives as a nurse, she’s saving even more lives off the clock!

In a year rife with pain and suffering, Taylor deserves to be recognized as one of 2020’s greatest heroes.

And fortunately, this chapter in Bodie’s life came to a happy conclusion.

How do you feel about Taylor’s heroism? What do you think of Bodie’s journey? I hope he lives a healthy, happy life from here on out.

Check out an ABC News interview with Taylor, Bodie, and his family in the video player below!

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