Man gains popularity online explaining “scientific reason” wives are always right
Husbands need to hear this. The man makes a great point. 😂
Michael Dabu

There is this funny notion about women being always right.

True enough, particularly in parenting, we always say “mothers know best”, right?

Wives call the shots at home more often compared to their husbands and if you ask many married men, they’d tell you they are okay with it.

Never argue with your wife?

Pexels - Afif Ramdhasuma
Pexels - Afif Ramdhasuma

Remember when you were still courting her? Giving her a bouquet of flowers and chocolates during special occasions? Promising her the sun and moon?

There’s no denying that we love our wives, the women whom we promised to be with for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish until parted by death.

However, when you get to live with your wife for over 5 years, that’s when the scales get tipped.

I mean, that’s when a husband becomes wrong and defeated in every argument.

That’s what this man figured out with his life as a husband.

From computer genius to successful comedian.

Don McMillan is an American comedian.

He’s also an actor, and former engineer based in the San Francisco Bay.

Before he became a comedian, he was a part of the team that designed the world’s first 32-bit microprocessor.

McMillan then moved to Silicon Valley and worked as a computer chip designer at VLSI Technology.

In his 6 years of stay at VLSI Technology, he was able to make over 50 standard and ASIC designs.

After that, he became a comedian and now does stand-up based on technical and corporate comedy.

One of his popular shows was “Life After Death by PowerPoint” which became popular on YouTube.

He also competed this year on America’s Got Talent, where he advanced to the live shows as one of the top 55 qualifiers.

Now, he’s here to explain to us something many men before him have questioned.

Why wives are always right.

YouTube - A Little More Dry Bar
YouTube - A Little More Dry Bar

First, he compared the logic back to the time when he was still building computers where they had the “AND Gate” and “OR Gate.”

Both gates have 2 inputs (TRUE or FALSE) which are represented by letters A and B.

With AND Gate, the result only becomes TRUE when both inputs are TRUE. Otherwise, if either of the inputs is FALSE, the result will become FALSE.

With OR Gate, the result is always TRUE and it only becomes FALSE if both inputs are FALSE.

Isn’t that too complicated? We’re not some computer geniuses or engineers here.

Now, how’s that even related to wives being right all the time?

His “Happy Marriage Logic Map” explains.

YouTube - A Little More Dry Bar
YouTube - A Little More Dry Bar

Instead of A and B, the inputs were him and his wife, Laura.

He jokingly represented the logic and connected it to their life as husband and wife where someone is right and, of course, the other one is wrong.

However, in his “Happy Marriage Logic Map”, he was never right, but he could be wrong.

Don also comically called out the single individuals from his audience to take a snap of his graph, so they’d know what to expect when they get married.

It’s funny how Don was incorporating his comedy stint with a slideshow presentation.

The man is a comedic genius.

YouTube - A Little More Dry Bar
YouTube - A Little More Dry Bar

He proceeded by giving situations wherein his wife was always right.

He started with vacuum efficiency.

He showed Laura’s vacuum roadmap, which was exaggeratedly mapped all over the place.

YouTube - A Little More Dry Bar
YouTube - A Little More Dry Bar

So, Don recommended a more efficient way of vacuuming, to which his wife agreed.

Why did she agree?

Not because Don’s way was necessarily better.

Rather, it was simply because she knew he’d be doing the chore from that day forward.

For a second, Don was right, but he ended up owning it because he was trying to tell his wife she was wrong.

YouTube - A Little More Dry Bar
YouTube - A Little More Dry Bar

He continued with his comedy stint with some more examples, like him being a big saver and his wife being a big spender, how they buy stuff at the mall, and finally, looks vs eyesight.

I wouldn’t spoil the fun so make sure to watch the video below to know why wives are always right.

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship or marriage. It’s just a matter of understanding and accepting each other’s flaws.

After all, life is boring without argument and humor, don’t you think?

Find out just why it is that wives are always right in the video below!

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By Michael Dabu
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Michael Dabu is a contributor at SBLY Media.