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Penguin Travels Every Year To See Man Who Saved Him

August 21st, 2019

This penguin provides an exceptional lesson in loyalty and perhaps makes the memories of elephants look minimal in comparison.

Fisherman Saves Penguin

An act of kindness saves the life of a tiny penguin

A parttime fisherman known as João Pereira de Souza who is a resident of a small island village near Rio De Janerio did a kind act of rescuing a South American Magellanic Penguin. The peguin named Jinjing had been covered with oil and was on the brink of death. This fisherman went into action immediately to remove the oil from the Penguin’s feathers. Then nursed him back to health

JinJing is Set Free

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His rescuer sets him free

After Mr. De Souza felt assured that JinJing was back in good health he took him to a nearby island to release him. Believing that Jinjing would welcome going back to his natural environment.

A Noise in The Backyard

On the very same day the fisherman hears a noise in his backyard

Investigating the noise he was surprised to see JinJing calling out to him right there in the backyard. The two were to remain friends for the next eleven months.

A New Coat And A Disappearance

New feathers tell JinJing something

Jinjing’s coat was replaced with new feathers and he obviously took this as a sign that it was time for him to leave. Which he did. The fisherman had no warning that the penguin was going to leave, nor did he have any idea where he went.

A Welcome Return

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Within a few months Jinjing returned again to Joao.

A load squawk immediately alert him that the penguin returned once again.At the time Joao had no idea that this would be a repeat occurrence for many years to come.

Where Does Jinjing Go?

There is speculation that Jinjing goes to an area off the coast of Argentina to fulfill his breeding responsibilities.

What is so astounding about this is that a round trip journey such as this would be a 5,000 mile round trip. The penguins routine is to return in June and leave in February.

A Loving Relationship

Joao openly admits how much he loves Jinjing and believes the feelings are mutual.

The penguin does not tolerate anyone else touching him.

Is The Fisherman A Beloved Penguin in Jinjings Eyes?

The strong affection Jinjing displays for Joao is characteristic of what Penguins show to their partner.

This is backed up with the wagging of the tail and joyful squawks.

What Happened to Jinjing is Not Uncommon

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Tragic Oil Spill Put Penguins At Risk

An oil spill off the coast of Brazil put endangered Penguins at grave risk

The penguins in desperation tried to clean themselves. Which meant they were ingesting the toxic oils. Thankfully a relief crew arrived with a few days and went into swift action to remove the oil from these sufferering penguins.

Staggering Statistics

In 1994 there were 10,000 penguins affected by an oil spill. Then again in 1998 a oil spill caused 20,000 penguins to be threatened by another oil spill.

Celebrating World Penguin Day

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Anyone is welcome to celebrate World Penguin Day which is held on April 25th of each year.

This is a day that is to act as a reminder of how precious Penguins are and hopefully create awareness of how they need to be protected.

Just How Awesome Are Penguins?

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A lot of people don’t realize that penguins have some really unique characteristics about them.

As a couple they are very loyal to each other and will tend to their young jointly.

The growing penguins will stay with their parents as long as the parents are willing to do the work of hunting and feeding them.

Penguins can be a little feisty too and won’t think twice of giving another Penguin a head slap.

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