Parents Harmonizing Beautifully In Car Don't Anticipate That Baby Will Steal The Show
What an amazing performance! This baby is winning hearts of millions.
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This Israeli couple’s moving music complication videos will warm your heart.

Yonina is the name of an Israeli couple named Yoni and Nina Tokayer who stole the hearts of many after a heartwarming video of them singing a song titled “One Day” to their 6-month-old went viral on YouTube.

Accord to Faith Tap, Yoni and Nina from Tel Aviv treat their fans to a new video complication singing either a cover of a song or one of their original songs every week on Thursday night or Friday morning.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Posted a little more than a year ago, their video titled “One Day” has just shy of 2 million views.

While most agree it is the light in the 6-month-old’s eyes and her facial reactions to the song that caused the video to go viral, Faith Tap notes the head of a second child is also bobbing in the backseat of the vehicle.

The purpose of Yoni and Nina’s music is to send positive messages of hope, love, togetherness, and family. The couple certainly did a fantastic job painting a sweet picture of a family with the video “One Day.”

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

YouTube users all around the world became inspired by the video leaving thoughtful and heartwarming messages in the comment’s section of the video.

One YouTube user noted how captivating the video was:

“I can’t stop watching your sweet faces and listening to your angelic voices! I’m mesmerized by the love you have for each other and the love you’re surrounding your baby with. She looks up at her daddy with pure bliss and knows she’s safe in her mother’s arms. Thank you for bringing joy to me and countless others.”

A second user also noted how addicting the video was to watch:

“I love your video. I’ve watched it at least a dozen times since yesterday. You two are absolutely beautiful people. The smiles on your faces shows how much you enjoy signing. You have the voices of angels. And it’s very apparent how much the two of you love each other and your baby. That baby’s smile says it all. I can’t help but to feel happy every time I watch this, and it never gets old. Thank you for brightening my day and putting joy in my heart.”

Image Credit: YouTube

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

A month ago, the couple uploaded a video titled “New Beginnings,” where their baby girl – who is nearly the age of 2 now – made a brief appearance at the end of the video. Following in her parent’s footsteps, their baby girl took part by using a pill bottle as a rattle.

Even though many of those who commented on the video could not understand a word because they do not speak Hebrew, they still found the video beautiful and captivating.

Those interested in keeping up with this couple can subscribe to their YouTube channel to enjoy weekly uploads, which accumulate an average of 10,000 to 40,000 views. The couple also has a Facebook page for fans and followers.

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